Monday, April 28, 2008

Truly Random Monday

I have no cohesive thoughts this morning so this is basically coming from my fingertips as I think of it.

First Thought: If someone makes cookies consisting primarily of oatmeal, only eat one or two.

Second Thought: Lawn care is a pain in the neck. You plant grass and it grows. But it grows too high so you have to cut it. Then you have to water it if there is no rain...only to cut it again. Weeds grow no matter what the conditions and some even come with nice little flowers. Um, go weeds? No, better yet...Go Autumn!

Third Thought: If you take said cookies from Thought #1 to work and hand them out to coworkers, make sure they only eat one or two.

Fourth Thought: Any movie with the name "Uwe Boll" in the credits will be bad. If you think you are in danger of viewing one of these movies, just walk away--even if it's free.

Random Stats:

Last Movie Viewed: "Infection" (A SciFi pictures original)
Last GOOD Movie Viewed: "Stardust"
In my car CD Player Currently: Dragonforce's "Inhuman Rampage"
In my Xbox 360 Currently: Rock Band
In my stomach Currently: Too many cookies from Thought #1. :P

1 comment:

KPiep said...

I warned you about the cookies! Wait until you see what I have planned for my next new recipe night...