Saturday, April 26, 2008

Truly Random

Rolling out of bed before 7:00 on a Saturday is always brutal. This morning it was 6:45 that I was summoned forth by my (soon to be) 2-year-old daughter, her cries of "Mommy" coming softly from her room. Luckily, Daddy works just as well. Of course, it's my own fault for staying up late Friday night. I'm how old and I still haven't learned yet? I'm a night owl; always have been. Sometimes I wish was a morning person, though that whim usually passes quickly.

Today promises to be busy--I have to slather the lawn in chemicals to both prevent weeds and kill the ones that are already there (and they are legion!). I want to go get some tomato and pepper plants and put them in the back yard. I'd also like to get a good run in but a) I don't know if I'm energetic enough for that and b) the temperature won't be optimal for most of the day. That, and I'm feeling lazy today.

So I've decided that I'm the only person I know of that can give himself a cramp in his chin from yawning. Sad, but true. It often ruins a perfectly good yawn and makes me look awfully weird as I open and close my mouth repeatedly to try to relieve the cramp. How's that for achieving the epitome of lazy? I don't get a cramp doing anything strenuous--just yawning. Go figure.


Matt Dimmic said...

For the record, I have also suffered from yawn cramps. How embarrassing.

Miss Nibbles said...

Yawn cramps? Seriously, you are crazy....