Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fear the Change!

"Do you fear change? Leave it here." That was what the sign said on one of those "have a penny, leave a penny" cups I saw at the movie theater a long time ago. I thought it was witty. I still think it's witty. But, then, I'm easily amused.


I just read an article online about how the penny and the nickel now cost more money than they're worth. The nickel costs something like 7.5¢ to produce and it costs 2¢ to produce each penny because of the metals that are in them. Pennies are annoyances to begin with so why even line them with our oh-so tasty and precious copper? What's even funnier is that the nickel has more copper in it than the penny.

Pennies are rather worthless. Nobody wants them. I think the best way to utilize the penny is this: We should drop them on military targets that we wish to bomb. Surely enough pennies dropped from a few miles up would do some heinous damage, right? And what better way to help the people of said country than to throw money at them? So we destroy the military target and provide laundry money for the inhabitants. And we get rid of our stupid, unwanted pennies at the same time! Hmm hmm hmm...I am a genius. :P


I often think about how disappointed I am with technology. This probably has developed from watching too much science fiction (bad or good). But during Iron Man all I could help thinking was "I want that!"...or at least something sort of close. Of course, much of the technology in Iron Man is probably impossible, cybernetic titanium-gold alloy suit notwithstanding.

But even before that I've been wanting technology to take that "next step" so to speak. Surely we could develop more efficient technology by looking outside the current paradigm, right? I mean, look at today's vehicle. Sure, it's an advanced machine with hundreds of intricate pieces and systems all working together. But I bet it could be so much better. Don't belts and gears just seem a little outdated? Sure, they work, but isn't there something better and more efficient we could develop? What about frictionless motion? We've been working off the same concepts for much of our technology for what seems like ages. There are advancements in computer technology but I'm sure we could develop a really badass rig if it was designed from the ground up--something more powerful that uses less energy. Heck, I'd be willing to be one has already been invented somewhere.

Maybe we just need a good alien invasion--not necessarily to force us to develop new technologies. Nope. I think it'd be much easier just to steal theirs. Isn't that how it works? We sneeze, they all die from the germs, then we salvage their stuff. Simple, that. Someone needs to get to work on this. d:()' <--that's a monkey wearing a baseball cap, smoking a cigarette.

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