Monday, May 5, 2008

Gardens, Teeth, and Junk

G, my five-year-old recently told her grandparents both that their teeth were dirty and that they needed "white strips". I myself am wondering if she gets an advertising kickback from Crest. Children have such candor. Maybe our next president should be a five-year-old? I volunteer mine.


I started a garden this weekend--so much as three tomato plants, three pepper plants, and a strawberry plant can actually be considered a garden. I lined them up against the fence at the back of the yard and threw some mulch over them. It's my little experiment to see how well they grow. If they die, well, I'm only out $1.49/plant. If I get two peppers or two tomatoes from each plant then I made my money back. Well, okay, one of the tomato plants is a cherry tomato I'd better damn well get more than two.

If the "garden" succeeds I will probably line the whole fence with plants. Why buy it when you can grow your own? There's not a whole lot of maintenance except some water and tying the tomatoes to the fence when they get too tall. By trade I am not a plant nurturing person, but I think I can handle that.


Every so often I come to realize that I have a lot of junk. I mean a lot of junk. I'd say about 50% of it is toys. I like toys. I don't really buy them anymore except for an occasional Halo 3 action figure. But I've collected quite a few over the years, with Star Wars being the most plentiful. So every once in a while I try to find ways to reduce clutter without reducing the toys themselves. I have a lot of action figures on display in the basement and in my office which, while fun, gets to looking cluttered if I have too many.

Sometimes I feel that the toys themselves are unhappy with their plight. Like they're going to get all Gulliver's Travels on me and I'm going to awaken, tied to the floor, while they poke me with their little pointy things and guns, demanding more real estate.

Inevitably I throw out other things like computer books that only apply to any technology made previous to the last 10 years (and, yes, I recycle them). That helps, but then the space just seems to get swallowed up by something else that comes out of storage or whatnot. Maybe I should let my daughters loose and throw out whatever they manage to break. That would probably cut down greatly on the clutter.


On a completely unrelated note, I saw Iron Man this weekend. Really good flick. I like it when someone actually gets it right.


Matt Dimmic said...

Good luck with the garden! I'm curious whether the insects, fungi, wildlife, and weeds ignore your plants as much as you intend to ignore them. :)

KPiep said...

But if she was president, she would have to move to Washington...and you might miss her!