Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, T!

Today is T's birthday. I can't believe she's TWO already! She starts small then, the next thing I know, she's running around the house, playing DDR, and telling her sissy to "stop it". Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, T!!

Sundays are brutal. I know my wife thinks I'm probably the biggest grump every Sunday, and I probably am. I guess I just look forward to having a nice, relaxing day for the whole family but it never happens. We always have child meltdowns (with no real basis behind them). Most of these originate from G who will throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat on Sundays. Say "no"? Tantrum. Bedtime? Tantrum. State of the world economy? Tantrum. Inevitably she's fine come Monday morning. There are many reasons for the state of Sunday. I just need to learn to be more tolerant.
So Saturday was the annual Homeowners' Association meeting (picnic included). We always do things rather unofficially, so the meetings are pretty laid back. However, each time we go, we are reminded that we don't really seem to fit in too well in our neighborhood. It's like being the new kid in high school--everyone already knows everyone else and they don't feel the need to talk with people they don't know. Sure, we've been in this neighborhood for 7(?) years but we've never been that active. We don't live on a cul de sac and many of the houses directly around us are duplexes. Besides that, we tend to be rather busy with our girls. My philosophy is that it just prepares us for when we eventually move into a house on some land and we won't have neighbors. I just sort of wish we didn't feel like we had leprosy or something. I mean, if we did have leprosy, I'd probably be totally cool with that.


I've apparently started a band...well, sort of, but not. It appears that one of my girls' favorite things is to be a part of the band (or I guess groupies) when I play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. They like to "play" the drums or sing and dance...or all three at the same time. T calls it playing "Guitar Girl" (they always make me use the female band members when I play--they pick every aspect of them).

You Say it's Your Birthday...

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