Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the Wake of the Horde

OK, so I've posted In the Wake of the Horde. This is part 3 in Damiel's adventure in the keep. I've never really written a story like this one so any feedback is definitely of use to me. This was by far the toughest of the three for me to write.

As I've said before, I originally intended Holding the Wall to be a standalone piece but people were interested in the outcome. I wasn't really concerned with anything but Damiel's situation. But I hope I've adequately answered said queries with the series of three.

No idea what I am going to write next. I've got a couple of ideas floating around in my head and there are a couple of already written stories I can drudge up and revamp. I'll see how the mood strikes me.
For those who like Halo and are interested, I posted the latest Halo Funniez here. For those who aren't into Halo, this comic will probably make little to no sense to you, and you can probably skip this whole paragraph, but that's OK. And, no, it's not intended to be a highly artistic endeavor--it never has been. I lack the skills, imagination, and tools for that. There are plenty of better comics out there, and this posting certainly isn't my best. This one simply is what it is. This particular comic mentions the Forerunner Terminal Archives which were just put into production on the HBO server--they are basically a recreation of the terminals from Halo 3 and are quite spiffy.
I don't think I can adequately rely on G's suggestions for dinner anymore. Invariably her answer is "steak!" and, while I'm not against that idea...ever, we need a little more variety than that. Of course T pipes in with the same answer because, if her sister likes it, it must be good!
The new Indy movie is a must-see for me as I'm sure it is for a lot of people. I have very high hopes for it but will be so crushed if it doesn't meet my expectations. I like the original three, though "Temple of Doom" leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully Lucas and Spielberg haven't lost the golden touch. I know Harrison Ford probably hasn't.
Okay, I found this totally funny and a bit disturbing. The state of Georgia has banned retailers from selling marijuana-flavored candy to minors. Okay, that's disturbing that there is such a thing and that minors could buy it in the first place. It also sounds...ick.

What's funny is the name of the senator who's moving the bill through the Senate. Senator Doug Stoner!!! Ha ha.

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