Tuesday, May 6, 2008

RIP: One Mole

I had to cut the grass yesterday. It go tall enough to where my dog (a 6-pounder) would go out to the back yard and simply disappear. In doing so I noticed what can perhaps be described only as a "dead kaiju megamole". This thing was huge! And he'd been getting fat off my lawn while digging it up. Needless to say I was not sorry to see him gone. I'm not sure what got him. It could be that he starved (I used grub killer on the lawn this year) or that he ate one of the poison pellets I put out for the moles. But hopefully the dogs got him. That would mean they were useful and weren't just digging up the lawn for no reason.

Upon arriving home yesterday I was greeted by G (my five-year-old) who explained that she had assembled a picnic for me. So we went out to the the newly hewn back yard and had a nice picnic of apples, bananas, and chocolate milk while sitting on a little blanket. Then I got out the hammock and we all played for a while. Then I disposed of the mole corpse which, oddly, was the highlight of both G and T's picnic. I think children must have an odd fascination with death. They don't seem to fear it, they just like to look at it.
I need to get writing some more. I took a small hiatus to make sure I wasn't going too fast (and producing just a bunch of schlock) so now it's time to get back to it. I might even look into trying to get some of it published. I find it funny that most publications still have you send in a printed copy with a SASE instead of just sending it eletronically. I figured companies would be more Internet-friendly but the publishing industry must not have gone that route.

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