Sunday, June 15, 2008


Father's Day started early--about 6:30. It was at that time that G and T decided that sleep has no place in this house. Much of the rest of the morning was spent eating fictional cheesecake made of Play-doh (also fictional)and other, less savory materials. We took it easy for much of the day and ended at Shakespeare's for some of the best pizza in the world. While there, we saw Gary Pinkel (coach of the Tigers). I resisted the urge to gush all over him like a fanboi.

So my Rock Band (wired) guitar broke a little while ago--it wouldn't power on. So I got onto EA's website and went through their little questionnaire. I returned said "instrument" via a box and shipping label they sent me. Two weeks later I received a brand new guitar. Quite elated and actually satisfied with EA for once I plugged it in and began to happily use it. Accept, well, it doesn't work. Now, when trying to get back onto EA's website (which is down half the time) and enter my problem, I can't because it says that I still have a replacement request in the system. Guess I'll actually have to use the phone to bitch at them if the system doesn't clear up. So my disdain for Electronic Arts goes up a bit to "rabid hatred".

With all of the rain we have been having, my lawn has been going crazy. You'd think this would mean that I would cut the grass more often. You would be incorrect in that assumption. When it comes to cutting the grass I am as lazy as they come. Simply put: It's boring. It takes a little over an hour (without trimming weeds) and it is hot and boring. Now I rarely let it get out of control but it is routinely a bit longer than everyone else's...which probably irritates my neighbor.

See, he cuts his grass incessantly. Worse, he tries to schedule his grass-cutting in unison with mine. So no matter when he cuts his grass, he will cut it again the moment he hears my lawnmower start up. He might have just cut it two hours ago and he will go back out and rampage through his yard again. At the very least I find this odd. But usually I find it a little neurotic. So I like to play with his emotions and cut my grass at the most inopportune times. Sure enough, it could be almost dark outside, but if he notices I've cut my grass he's out there doing the same. Strange.

dun dun dun dun dun...with salt!

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KPiep said...

I wonder if our neighbor has a job....other than watching to see when you cut the gress....