Friday, June 27, 2008

Rootbeer Floats in a Box

Okay, so the big news is that I ordered my free TV from this morning. After saving Coke Rewards for a little less than a year, my nefarious plan to conquer the world through the use of a boob tube has finally come to bear fruit. Yes fruit...19-inch, LCD, HDTV fruit of goodness. So, um, yeah. "Well, it's only a 19-inch TV, loser!" you say? Yeah, it's rather humorous for me to be so excited about such a dinky television, I agree. But consider this:

  1. It's pretty much exclusively to play my Xbox 360 on. I currently play on a 19" CRT television.
  2. It's an LCD HDTV (720p, I believe).
  3. It's free.

Let's focus in on point #3 for a minute because it's very important. This country was built on a basis of freedom. Freedom for all! I'm just exercising my freedom by, uh, getting free stuff. "But you had to spend money on all those Coke products, so it's not free, dumbass!" you say? Wrong. See, I maybe only spent $100 total on Coke products. I shamelessly dumpster-dove (dived?) at work for the remaining 13,150 points. Oh, wait, the mother-in-law provided me with approximately 150 points in caps. So, yeah, almost free. So within four weeks I will have my HD Xboxy goodness and Lego Star Wars will look all the more Lego'y!

Of course, I'm not stopping. Nope. I'm going on. No, I'm not going for another television. Not unless they roll out something bigger and better. Nay. I owe a decent share of Coke points to charity. I gave a whole bunch to Toys for Tots during the holiday season last year and intend to do the same thing this year (if they participate). I can also give points to schools so they can buy equipment, so that's also cool. Though G's school has not signed up to participate and I'd prefer they go there first. There are also other, less expensive, items that I'd like to snag. VIVA LA TELEVISEUR!! :)


So, if you ever feel the urge to buy a store-brand ice cream called "Rootbeer Float". Resist said urge. Fight it with all the vim, vigor, determination, and whatever else you have! Fight it, or you will have wasted your money! Oh, sure, the first three or so bites are great--they actually taste pretty good. But every bite after that degrades into a foul concoction less tasty until you may as well be eating library paste sprinkled with pure Internet hate. Don't believe me? Okay, smart guy, try it. You'll see.


As a side note, I awoke early this morning to find that K's behemoth kitty had wedged firmly between us (this happens every night) but he had somehow pushed me to the edge of the bed. Upon shifting myself and preparing to oust said feline, I smacked my forehead on the bookshelf next to me. My first thought? "If I have a bruise, I'm going to have to think up some cool story to tell everyone, because this one would be lame."

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KPiep said...

Just don't blame me for the cat's behavior. Really, he just does it because he loves you!