Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Caffeinity and Beyond!

Mountain Dew is probably the only soda that constantly comes out with new flavors. Most of these varieties do not normally stick around very long, due to the propensity to taste like warmed-over ass stuffed in an old shoe, and then sent down the Mighty Mississip on a...well, you get the idea. Anyone who tried it should remember the colossal failure of "Pitch Black II" which tasted like sour warmed-over ass etc. etc. Then there was "Mountain Dew: Cough Syrup""Game Fuel" (of which I drank a lot simply because it had a billion caffeine molecules per cubic centimeter).

So they have three new flavors out this summer, one of which will become permanent. The other two will supposedly be launched into space, headed toward the sun...or some unlucky inhabited planet. One is strawberry, one is raspberry, and one is "wild berry". WTF is a "wild berry"? Are all other berries tamed and domesticated and this one is not? Is it dangerous? I couldn't resist and bought the raspberry variety (it's got some name like "high voltage" or "ass-kicker" or something). It's OK. Not spectacular, but sort of tasty.

Lego Star Wars

K got me this game for the 360 for Father's Day. It's been on my Amazon wish list for a while. I really knew nothing about it except it was cute and sounded really hilarious--a Star Wars/Lego hybrid game? C'mon! It is really pretty fun...and cute...and funny all at the same time. It truly is a family game. You simply CANNOT lose. You don't really ever die, and everything that gets killed/destroyed simply explodes into Lego bricks. Better yet, you can wail on Jar Jar Binks all you want and not feel bad, nor do you suffer any repercussions. Take that, Light Side of the Force!


If you're looking for a know, a simple game that is pleasing and fun, here's a good one. Music Catch. You essentially catch digital Lucky Charms while a very addictive, soothing piece of piano music plays. It's not very difficult or complicated and only takes a few minutes. You'll probably find yourself playing it a couple of times.

Nothing real ever seems to matter
Just like shit on a silver platter shines

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