Friday, July 4, 2008

The Best Time In My Life

Independence Day. The day we celebrate our country's independence by doing what? Blowing crap up. Sometimes I wonder if we really need an excuse to do that. "Hey, congrats on the promotion!" *BLAM BLAM*. "I have a date tonight!" *BLAM BLAM BLAM*. I guess if we blew up fireworks for every occasion America would quickly be known not as "The Land of the Free" but as "The Land of the Missing Fingers"...or toes, or eyeballs or whatever.

So I took G, along with some family, to see the big super fireworks extravaganza extreme super duper happy family fun time to celebrate the 4th. This was her first time seeing fireworks because a) they start at 9:30 and b) she's always feared them until this year. The weather was perfect--I cannot remember a July 4th when it did not rain or the temperature wasn't 95 degrees with 80% humidity (at least). But not today. Today it was 85 (maybe only 80) and sunny. It was perfection.

First of all, as an aside, I really had no idea that I could flick things so accurately (and at such a distance) with my fingers. G was eating Dippin' Dots (the ice cream of the future!) which, if you don't know, is essentially ice cream that is freeze dried into little pellets. A few Dippin' Dots had landed on the blanket and I proceeded to remove them before they melted and created a mess. Forgetting exactly where I was, I began to flick them off the blanket. Obviously I was meant for great things in the World Dippin' Dots Flicking League as the first one I launched rocketed through the air and came to rest soundly within a woman's hair. I debated briefly about telling her and apologizing but, instead screamed and ran away.

So as I sat on the grassy hill of the football stadium with G in my lap, leaning against me I thought about how nice it was. I very much enjoy doing things with my daughters but sometimes I find it difficult to pay attention to one when the other is swinging from the rafters, trying to pull my pants down, or setting off small nuclear devices. (One of those is made up. Can you guess which one? That's right--I don't wear pants!) But tonight was quite the opposite of disaster.

The fireworks exploded in the sky as usual, creating nice thunderous pops and vibrant, shimmering colors. Meanwhile, a symphony played choreographed music on the football field and we sat, in the dark on the grassy hill, and watched the show together. Every "oooh" and every "aaah" and even every delighted, high-pitched scream made me happy. It wasn't just about the fireworks. Sure, they were great, but so was the wonder in my daughter's eyes, laughter, and screams of joy.

And as we sat there having our good time together, G laughed, looked up at me and shouted "This is the best time of my life!" And you know what, I think it might have been mine too.

And I walked until the night was far behind

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KPiep said...

Oh honey, that is beautiful! I'm so glad you and our Princess could share this experience!