Monday, July 21, 2008

The Door is Locked Now

So, if you're reading this, then you may have noticed the happy little pentagonal guy to the right. Or not. It doesn't matter. You probably notice it now, don't you? Still nothing? Okay, just look over to the right and go find it. I'll wait...

Anyway, dear reader, I like to call it...well, I can't really tell you what I like to call it. Sorry! It acts as a link to the book I'm, as it were. You see, I wasn't 100% satisfied with it when I finally finished it over five years ago. It was too long, too wordy, and lacked focus. But I feel I have gained the discipline required to do it justice. And my Word-Fu skills are much stronger now.

So if you would like to read it (and hopefully comment), the prologue is up. It's a mere 1,200 or so words and should not take you long and I promise it will entertain--either because it rocks your face to epic proportions or because it's so abysmal that you have to laugh. Just click on the happy little pentagon and use the key. Also, bow down in awe and marvel at my totally awesome Paint Shop Pro skillz. That's right. Total sweetness.

Today I discovered soy milk. And by "discovered" I mean to say "we were out of regular milk so I thought I'd drink soy milk with lunch. So, um, can you undiscover something? If so, I'd like to sign up for the first available opportunity. I'll sign my name, take a number, whatever.

K and I saw Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Sunday. It was a very fun, totally satisfying, light-hearted (mostly) action flick. We enjoyed the first Hellboy movie as well. This one is pretty much more of the same with some added overall plot development. The world presented is just so weird it's awesome. You don't need to question "why" or "how", you just sit back and let the movie force you into believing as it crams itself down your throat while boxing your uvula into submission...wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. If you have a problem with that it'll be a painful ride but, then, you also have bigger fish to fry. And that's enough about that.

Oh jeez, I just endured a soy milk burp. :(

The door is locked now, but it's open if you're true.
If you can understand the me, then I can understand the you.

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