Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's Doin's a Transpirin'!!

First of all, let me highly recommend a game called Pandemic2. If you would like to waste an hour or so, this game will deliver. You are a disease. Evolve, infect, and take over the world!! Especially those damn singing lemurs in Madagascar!! It'll get old after one or two plays but, until then, will entertain.

Me Vs. The Crabgrass
So it's late July and I think I have effectively stifled the plague of crabgrass that usually sets in. I've dumped so many nasty chemicals on my lawn that it should glow by now. The five-legged rabbits do. Anyway, this fills me with the joy of a that emit joy. I don't care so much that crabgrass looks uncool. Nay, it looks much like regular grass...if you pay attention to it. But therein lies the conflict. See, inherently, I loathe any plant that requires inordinate amounts of work. One patch of crabgrass is no problem. But multiply that by 100 and, all of a sudden, you get much more work. Crabgrass is oh so good at avoiding the lawnmower so that I have random grass sticking up when I'm done mowing. If I leave it, it looks bad (again, not my biggest concern). But it also seeds and grows. The latter means that I will probably have to mow it sooner and it'll take longer. Totally uncool, crabgrass. Weaksauce to the extreme.

But none of that is much of a concern this year since I showed it who's boss!! Now I must take issue with the grass itself since it seems to be taking over in the absense of crabgrass. And don't even get me started on the "garden".

Spider Girl!!
So I get home from seeing "The Dark Knight" (which is totally good, btw) and G tells me "come here and watch me do something really cool!" I agree and observe as she proceeds to put one foot on the door frame and the other foot on the other side of the door frame and scales it to the ceiling! Then she stands there with no hands. Some parents would freak. Others would probably yell. Me? I laughed and applauded! Then I showed her how Daddy does it (using the hallway)!!

See, I used to do the exact same thing! Only I was more like 12, not five!! And she did it with so much ease that it looked like she'd been doing it for years, even though she just learned it earlier today. It sounds really strange but I'm proud of her for some reason. Next up--beating her Daddy at Halo! :)

Snowy Goodness
I got to looking through a few pictures and found a blast from the past!

Oh yeah, it's Poultron, Defender of the Universe!!

...And his sidekick, R2D2!!

So how does it feel to know that someone's kid
in the heart of America has blood on their hands
fighting for your rights so you can maintain a lifestyle
that insults his family's existence

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