Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kindergarten, Ho!

So Today is G's first day of Kindergarten; her first foray into the world of bigger things and...oh, wait. Really it's the same thing she's been doing at preschool only a) it's longer, b) she gets to take her own lunch and, most importantly, c) she gets to ride the bus! In fact, it's probably a bigger step for K and me than it really is for her.

But it is a big step. It's real school!! It makes me wonder how the last five years blew by so quickly. Did I sleep through it? Impossible in our house. Was I comatose? Possible but not probable (but sometimes preferable).

So this morning, G requested that I, her loving and strikingly handsome genius of a father, walk her to the bus stop. The rain was a bit on the heavy side but we trudged through it, umbrellas in hand, courageously seeking out this fabled bus stop thing.

Turns out the bus would be 30 minutes late!! Obviously it runs on a different time zone than the rest of us--or, at least, it did today. But it eventually arrived at the agreed-upon location. G was excited and could not wait to board the large, yellow, banana-like vehicle. And she did so with a small bit of apprehension and a large chunk of excitement (swirled in with a dash of giddiness and maybe some hot sauce to taste). And then she disappeared. I waved to the bus as it pulled away, hoping she could see (but figuring she probably was interested in other things).

Then K and I hopped into our cars and drove to the school to meet her (she insisted we not drive her to school on the first day). We waited quite a while; her bus was the only one that had not shown up yet. Eventually we saw her at the other end of the hall. When she noticed us her eyes lit up. We walked her to her classroom and she eagerly sat on the big rug with the rest of the children. We stayed for a little while (all parents did--we were allowed this time) to watch. I left before K did, but during that entire time she never once paid us any mind. She was focused on something new, something exciting.

And, thus, begins her adventure in Kindergarten. I can't wait to meet her at the bus stop this afternoon and hear all about it. She has requested paella for dinner tonight and then we're going out for ice cream. I am sure she'll have wonderful things to say and I will enjoy hearing them.

Oooh ah ah ah ah!

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