Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I'm getting ready to go run. T is sitting on the kitchen floor and the conversation goes like this:

T: "Daddy, I no want you to go running."

Me: "But I need to. Why not?"

T: "Because I said so."

A Place To Run

So last weekend, K and I traveled to her parents' house. While there I got the chance to run at one of my favorite spots--Watkins Mill State Park (we both returned the next day and walked). The park consists of a 3.8-mile trail that circles a lake. From that description you're probably thinking "sounds boring, you're a loser and you smell funny." Well, I showered this morning and I'm only sometimes a loser. Shows what you know.

Here's a pic of what much of the trail looks like:

Most of the trail is like this. It's a beautiful run through the woods. I start out in front of the lake, run out in the open for a half mile, then disappear into the woods, only to emerge a couple of times to look out over the lake. At 3.8 miles it's a damn long lap (or two) and it has some up's and down's but it's an awesome run. To keep it interesting I suggest imagining that a nazgul is on the path behind you and will come into view at any moment. :)

The run was made even better due to the fact that it wasn't 100 degrees with 90% humidity. Knowing that you're not either going to a) suddenly melt or b) die of heatstroke is a reassuring fact.

Here's another pic:

(Note that all pictures were stolen from K's blog...because she took the pictures in the first place.)

I push my fingers into my eyes

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