Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travelogue Part III

I've Been Here...
(Yes, JM, that's a nod to you. But you probably don't read this anyway.)

I rolled into Indianapolis today...exactly two weeks late for GenCon! Or, well, almost a year early for next year!

Anyhoo, I arrived after upgrading a couple of laptops. As I approached I noticed a familiarity to the place and quickly realized I'd been to this area before. And the hotel was one I'd stayed at before. Sweet. With my propensity to get lost in my own bathroom, this was a good sign. It was nice to see a familiar place. Staybridge Suites hotels rock.

I have absolutely no interesting observations from the road. It was a very uneventful and un-humorous drive.

Sundown...You, Bettertakecare (Imagine William Shatner saying that)
I don't know about you but a few certain things have a tendency to spark vivid emotions or memories within me--almost all from childhood, whether I can recall specific instances or not. I returned to Cheeseburger In Paradise (a restaurant quickly becoming a favorite) and had a relaxing evening on the patio, reading and enjoying the most badass August evening I've ever had. (This August has been the best ever, weatherwise.) There was a local dude playing his guitar and singing. He wasn't awesome but he was decent.

Anyway, after he finished his acoustic rendition of Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream" (which was better than it sounds, btw), he started into Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown". Now, I have no idea why, but "Sundown" and "If You Could Read My Mind" both evoke really strong memories. Memories of what? I totally have no freaking clue. I can't even tell you when or where I first heard either of those songs! For some reason, those songs both mean something nostalgic to me, and I have no idea why.

I suspect it's because, when we went to sleep, my sister and I listened to a radio that my mother set out in the hallway for us. Maybe each of those songs came on as I was drifting to sleep. Again, no idea. So which song came after "Sundown"? Yep. "If You Could Read My Mind". Bizarre.

Also, the hallway here at the Staybridge smells exactly like my house in Arizona in the summertime. No joke. Weird.

And it just now comes to mind that the lyrics in "Sundown" aren't really geared towards a little kid now are they? Ha!

Sundown, you better take care
If I find you've been creeping 'round my back stairs.

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