Sunday, August 24, 2008


Interesting Stuff Seen/Learned:

  • Saw a bumper sticker that said "Life's a Bitch, Don't Vote For One". FAIL. It's like saying "Life's Just Like a Big Dump, Take One."
  • Saw a sign on a building (probably a church) that said "Jesus Saves Completely." So, up until now, he's just been mostly saving? What parts was he not saving? I'd suggest the doesn't refrigerate well.
  • One-way streets are fail. An entire downtown comprised of nothing but one-way streets is EPIC fail.
  • Just because something is called a "margarita" doesn't mean it won't taste like a snow-cone. If you're going to call it a margarita (and card me, no less), put some stinking alcohol in it as well as flavor of any other kind. Don't give me ice with food coloring on it. Mexican restaurant Fail.
  • Also, if you ever have a plate of assorted enchiladas and one of them is a cheese enchilada, eat that one first...seriously. Congealed cheese enchilada isn't as good as it sounds...and it sounds like ass.
  • Saw a bumper sticker on a van that said "Please do not tailgate, there are showdogs in this vehicle." I don't even know what that means? Like, will it upset them? Or is it okay to tailgate other showdogless vehicles? Does this upset them? Will they attack? So many questions!
  • Gas stations/foodmarts that close at 9:00 fail. I want to give them money, yet they will not let me. Fail.
  • 87.9 FM is the best radio station ever. They didn't play one song I didn't like! That just so happens to be the station my iPod was broadcasting!
  • I think my last wisdom tooth--the one that has been trying to fully come in for about 20 years--tried a little more today.
  • The game Candyland can indeed be completed, start to finish, in about 45 seconds.

So far away, we wait for the day
For the light source so wasted and gone

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