Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Au Revoir August

August is indeed over. But this year I might be a little sad to see it go. Maybe not. Weatherwise, this was the greatest August ever. It wasn't the normal super-hot, super-humid August I'm used to. We got plenty of rain and it's been splendidly beautiful. So I can't really be irritated with the month as I usually am.

But it is over and now September has begun. This means the beginning of Autumn (yay!), football season, and...well, okay, just those two. With the onset of cold weather comes a strange seas0nal hobby of mine. I am a cold-weather knitter. I don't really have much on my plate right now. I have to get K's slippers done (from last year) and then I was thinking about a pair of socks for myself. I'm still formulating the plans on how to knit myself a Ferrari. Once I work all that out, I am so going to be driving down the road in style!

I'm having an immense amount of fun with Soul Calibur IV on the Xbox 360. The sheer amount of customization involved with creating a new fighter is mind-boggling and I swear some brain matter seeped out of my ear once from the possibilities. Sometimes I think I spend more time customizing than I do actually playing the game. I'm not about to let some faceless shmoe on the Internet beat up on me because I didn't do my homework. I'll let them beat up on me because I suck, but that's the only reason.

And, by the way, the spell check here in Blogger is fail. It highlighted the "nal" portion of "seasonal" and suggested alternatives. Bad spell check, no biscuit.

Wake me up when September ends

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KPiep said...

Blogger doesn't like most of my knitting terms either..which stinks.

I am SO happy you are going to learn to do your own socks this year!