Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another One Under the Belt

Today I probably accomplished more by 10:00 than most anyone else does the entire day. :) I finished the Wilson's Half Marathon Challenge (that's 13.1 miles) in about 1 hr, 56 min, 44 sec. That's 177th out of about 400 people! The race started at 8:00 and it was a nice 58 degrees at that time. I might actually have preferred that it was a little cooler. Now for a little setup...

I found out about this half-marathon almost exactly three weeks ago. I thought to myself "Self, let's see if you can do this." My self said "Screw you, I want to sit around, eat popcorn and watch football you jerk." I won.(?) So I figured I'd train decently for three weeks and run 13 miles once. That would later turn out to be complete failsauce.

Due to a combination of being lazy, being crunched for time, and unusual weather, I never got the 13-mile run in. I also ran only once last week (7.6 miles, but still only once and mid-week). Luckily, my whole goal was to do the half-marathon with minimal training, so...Score! Oh, and throw in a slight illness (either allergies, change in weather, or a small cold).

The course was nice. However...the hills...yeah, those fail. I ran down one long, steep hill and though to myself "Wow, I have to run back up this?? And, sure enough, I did. And there were others--not so epic, but not fun, either. I'm pretty good at hills. I pass people on them all the time. That doesn't mean I like them. In fact, I curse them with every fiber of my being...and every fiber of some other peoples' being, too.

And I did stop--both to walk as well as adjust my sock (which ended up rubbing a blister on the top of my foot). But my legs never got sore or fatigued. The bad news is, when I had to stop, it was because I was fatigued. :(

The race ended with a run around the Quad at Mizzou, which would have been much prettier if there wasn't so much damn construction going on around there. But I sped up and ran full tilt around the Quad to the finish line. It was nice to be able to do that instead of hobble across, looking half-dead (or mostly dead--there is a difference, so sayeth Miracle Max).

Final Assessment: Success. I could see doing this again next year. Maybe training a little bit harder beforehand but not much. I think intense training was part of my downfall in the Lewis & Clark marathon a year ago when my knee wanted to collapse. Not bad for a slightly ill geezer who barely trained, eh?

I then promptly ate and drank everything in sight (I have never wanted a drink so badly) and then went for coffee at Kaldi. :D They have good pumpkin lattes! And now I must avail to the upstairs to clean up copious amounts of cat vomit. It looks like one of them ate coffee grounds! Stupid cats.

I'm falling down, but I'll rise above this.

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