Saturday, October 25, 2008

The House! She is Haunted!

...what we have here is a class 3, free-roaming vapor--and a really nasty one, too!

While I basically celebrate Halloween for the entire month of August, last night marked the real beginning. Not only did Spike TV start showing a week of horror flicks, but I met up with some friends to visit a couple of haunted houses. No, these weren't real houses that are supposedly haunted; they're the productions put on where dressed-up people jump out at you with bladeless chainsaws and fake blood.

Five of us (including a friend's 7(?)-year-old son) headed out to go through both Creepyworld and The_Darkness. We had gone through The Darkness two years ago and enjoyed it immensely (most of us). So we went for the package deal this year.

Haunted houses have sure come a long way since when I was a kid--where people in cheap masks and passable costumes jump out of every corner and say "boo"! The haunted houses of yore rarely had decent decorations or scenery, and those that did have awesome ambiance probably paid a pretty penny for elaborate decorations that were probably difficult to get.

Haunted houses these days still have the requisite "boo" guys, but they also have much cooler-looking decorations and tons of hydraulics for motion. They're longer and have really cool layouts. The Darkness (two years ago) even had a spinning room which, unfortunately, was not included this year (though they did have a mirror room which was pretty neat).

We all pretty much agreed that haunted houses are scary only for the first couple of minutes. After that there isn't much shock value of a dude jumping out and yelling "boogety!". I, personally, enjoy the unkown--what is around the next corner. And I really enjoy just looking around at the detail of each area. But there is never enough time to take it all in so I do what I can.

The only real disappointment of the night was the supposed "corn maze" at Creepyworld. It was more like walking down a nice path through tall weeds with a couple of creepy props. The only guy who jumped out at us looked like he was a computer nerd. I'm not sure he even worked there...

When the night was through, however, I think the most amazing part had to have been the urinal at Taco Bell that sounded like a pissed-off cat.

I'm starting to feel loopy

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