Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Bottom of the Random

Now that I've suitably decompressed from the entire last week at work, I think what sanity I had has finally returned. Who benefits from this? Why, you, dear reader...or you're cursed. That's for you to decide.

Last night I played Left4Dead online with a couple of friends. It was released (via download) at 11:00 central and I was up and playing by 11:15. Now that is what the Internet is for! It's finally living up to its promises! But, wait, where's the popsicle it promised me?

Anyway, Left 4 Dead is a first-person shooter that puts you in the role of one of four survivors in a city where a zombie apocalypse just occurred. Don't kid yourself. It could happen. And when it does, I'll know everything there is to know about getting my brains eaten!

These aren't your normal, lazy zombies out for a Sunday stroll who might just happen to eat some brains on the way home. No. These are full-on, beat down the door, smash through the window with a knife and fork, eat your brains zombies. It's you against them and the scales are tipped in their favor. They crawl out of the woodwork like the family at holidays! Except they don't want turkey. A good time was had by all and I look forward to playing again.

K just informed me that we are going to provide and cook a turkey for a local church's Thanksgiving dinner this week. While I'd like to give more to charities and do more for them, it is really tough. So I am overjoyed that we can help out in this way. We do what we can through other avenues but I know it's not nearly enough. Now I just gotta make sure I don't try to devour said turkey...

Speaking of charity. Now is the time of year when MyCokeRewards allows you to give Coca-Cola points to Toys For Tots/Toys For Teens. While it's not the greatest way to give, it's virtually free. And most people will never accumulate enough points to get anything good on their site anyway. :) I happen to accumulate a butt ton of points and am funneling a bunch through to Toys For Tots/Toys For Teens in this way. (No, I don't actually buy all that soda, but points are easy to come by.) So I urge anyone reading this to help out...even just a few points can make a difference. It's a worthy cause that really costs you nothing! What a deal!

Above the planet on a wing and a prayer

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Tania said...

The game sounds cool. I'll be getting it for my husband for Christmas as he has his eyes on it as well.

Have a great one.