Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Well, you're not going to find any New Year's resolutions here. I don't make them.

To me, a New Year's resolution is something that I feel forced to keep. Like, if I don't keep it, the "resolution police" will come and slap me with fish for a day. And, while love eating me some fish, I don't want to be beaten with them. Fish are friends, not, are food, not weapons.

Instead of resolutions, I simply try all year to find new things to improve upon. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes...not so much. But at least I'm not sitting around wondering "now what resolutions did I make while trying to play Rock Band, after I'd had that 500th beer? Something about llamas and beans?" Why set myself up for insta-fail?


I find it silly to think that a new year automagically means that things are going to be totally different. And yet, part of me still wishes to believe this illusion...this fa├žade of hope. It's akin to a mental cleansing of the past year's events. We can all start anew now that the past year is behind us. In most situations, we would call this blessed event "Thursday". This week, we call it the new year.

Chapter 2 of The Call of Chaos is primed to go up soon. I just need to do the actual transfer which is, admittedly, more of a pain than editing the dang thing. I'm currently searching for the creativity that seems to elude me. There are moments--bright spots of lucid clarity on a blurry canvas of mottled colors and shapes--but nothing so much as a few months ago. I blame this on the lack of sunlight. Lousy fiery skyball. Be more...skybally. What once was a pleasant walk in the woods currently seems to be a slogging crawl through waist-deep mud. But hopefully, with the new year, I can somehow kick my own ass into shape without pulling a muscle. Maybe that should be a resolution?


Anyway, for those of you who are interested in reading it (and I know there are a few of you out there), I will hopefully put it up next week and link to it here (as well as my blog on I also promise to peruse WDC and get back to reading some other authors' works. There's a particular werewolf'esque story that I need to pick back up.

Until then, have a safe and happy new year (or 1st of 2009, depending on where you are).

Save tonight and fight the break of dawn

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