Friday, January 16, 2009


So I'm bored. That means you, the reader, benefit! Or not. Whatever. Shut up! Stop confusing me!

My Xbox 360, purchased almost two years ago, was giving me problems for the last few months. It worked flawlessly until I got my first "unable to read disc" error. Wait...was my Xbox illiterate? Did it need some tutoring? It happened infrequently and was easily (though irritatingly) corrected by a reboot. But then it started locking up and, eventually, I got 3/4 of the RROD. But if I rebooted, it was fine again. I started wanting it to explode.

See, I bought the 2-year service plan at Best Buy. I knew, at the time, that the Xbox 360s were ticking time bombs and many found early graves. I figured I could afford the $60 for the service plan rather than another $300-$400 for a new box.

But sporadic lockups and disc errors are really difficult to reproduce...which Best Buy had to do in order to honor the service plan. It seems they actually have to be able to see that there is something wrong with the unit. Who knew! (Note that I totally understand this reasoning, but it's no less frustrating.) So, with just about four months left on the service plan, I decided to take action and try to get it replaced.

After one such failed test and three visits to Best Buy, I finally gave them my Xbox on a Saturday morning and told them "you can keep it for testing until Monday evening." I crossed my fingers in hopes that it would seriously malfunction and that would be the end of that problem.

I got a call Sunday morning. They had run it for testing for 24 hours but it hadn't thrown craps at all. It worked perfectly!! Boffo! Wait...I mean...DAMMIT! The good news, however, was that they believed me! Seriously? They're taking my word for it? Holy crap!

My personal opinion is that they simply got tired of testing it and realized I meant business. Maybe they believed I wasn't trying to screw them (which I wasn't), I don't know. In any case, I got a new box with a larger hard drive and two free games (that I'll probably not play) for the $60 I paid for the service plan! Hopefully the new Xbox, which is supposedly sturdier, will last me until the Xbox 720 or Super Xbox Extreme or whatever it will be called will be released.

Let Z1 be Z squared plus C

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