Thursday, April 9, 2009

File 13

First of all...I don't have a Facebook. I have no Myspace, Yourspace, or Theirspace. I don't tweet on Twitter. I am about as unpopular (and somewhat reclusive) as they come. So this is my only portal. If, for some reason, you can't get enough of me (a fact which I would find highly suspect), I am scattered about different forums here and there on numerous websites, and there's a decent chance you can encounter me on

There are a few people employed at the same institution as me who look like they might quite possibly be the saddest, most downtrodden people in existence. I have no idea if this is true but, upon passing them in the hallways of my fine employer, I can see the look on their face which is either perpetually grumpy or constantly sad-looking. I often wonder if I look like this either when I'm not paying attention, or when I actually am sad or pissed. Most of the time I feel like I look pretty happy but this is usually disproven when smiling for photos--I feel as though I am smiling really big but what actually comes across is some sort of evil glare or stinkeye.

The pre-garden is coming along quite well, but the plants seem to be lagging behind in the size department. They're growing but I'm unsure whether they are getting enough sun. I took them for a little stroll in the sun on the deck yesterday so maybe that helped. What didn't help was me nearly dropping them all and dumping them on the kitchen floor. I'm pretty sure there are explicit rules prohibiting that kind of abuse to plants in the "great gardening manual". Anyway, I don't feel they will be ready to plant in the ground at the end of April, which is what I originally had in mind. I may have to delay the act until mid-May, which I'm fine with. I just hope they actually produce this year. Do plants succumb to threats? I could, at least, give them all a stern talking to.

Writing has been rather slow the last few days but picked up considerably, starting at a trickle but ending with the faucet half on. It may not be a flood but it's an improvement. Most of the time it just depends on my mindset--if I am creatively inclined, I can spew forth words from my brain at an amazing rate. Said words may not be worth a damn, however, if I get carried away. If I am not in the mood to write, I may produce a really decent paragraph and be done with it...or produce nothing at all. Almost always I can determine whether my mind is ready to put pen to paper (or, more appropriately, fingers to keyboard) and produce something I can be proud of. The product of this week will most likely have to be heavily edited, but at least the framework is solid.

I think the finished product will be something worthy of public consumption--a vignette with a beginning and an end so as to be a satisfying appetizer. Unfortunately, I do not have a suitable main course but the two will be related, even though they will most certainly not be served together. Can I refill your drink while you wait?

You're a Rorschach test on fire

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