Monday, April 27, 2009

In a World Where Puppies are in Charge...

So K's laptop finally hit a brick wall...well, not literally. But sometimes I felt the urge to introduce it to one. Basically, the power jack separated from the motherboard. It was soldered twice but never really took either time. To repair it would have cost probably around $300, assuming I did not want to do the job of putting in a new motherboard myself (which I did not). Getting a new power jack was an option, but not a real great one.

So for about an hour and a half on Saturday, G and I had a grand time disassembling it and looking at its innards. After that, I feel confident that I could replace a laptop motherboard with ease. After putting it all back together, we had no extra screws left over! Whee! With repairs not economically feasible, I did what any responsible laptop user would do--I put it out to pasture. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, though.

I am not really a big fan of laptops. When they work, they're great. But when they break (which happens all too often), they are horrible. They're expensive, difficult to upgrade, and even more difficult to repair. If my desktop PC has problems, they are fixed yesterday, and for very little $$. But I must admit, laptops are really cool. They have that "I really don't need this but it's so fun I can't resist" quality about them.

I got her a viable alternate laptop that cost just about as much as the repairs would have cost on the old, dead laptop. I was so happy to have found the deal that I got myself one! So now she has her lappy back and I have its evil twin (complete with creepy Star Trek goatee). I have now begun using it as my primary computer unless I am gaming (which was the whole purpose of my gaming rig to begin with).

And now, for something completely different...

Scifi Pictures Presents: "Carny"

Ohboy...what a hot mess. "Carny" is a mixture of ridiculous, stereotype, and boring, all rolled into a burrito shell made of crap. How would you like your crap burrito? With green sauce? Anyway, this movie stars Lou Diamond Phillips as the local sheriff of a small, rural town in the middle of nowhere. Now, what I find utterly hilarious, is that he doesn't actually have a name! He's billed as "Town Sheriff". Bwahaha! After that, the names are unrecognizable--typical for Scifi (if they even have a headliner at all).

So a carnival comes to town, complete with a freak show. A bible-thumping priest warns everyone of the impending evil and intends to drive the freaks out of town one way or another. He speaks in bad omens and portents but, mostly, is just irritating, and I found myself wanting him to be the first one off'd.

So anyhoo, it turns out this freak show has a special freak--the "Jersey Devil". Freak gets loose, slaughters people for sport, creates chaos--the usual. I blame the minister's son who was throwing popcorn at the creature. I mean, that would be annoying for anyone and I wouldn't blame them if they were out for blood. So, essentially, the Jersey Devil is just a misunderstood outcast who...well, attacks, dismembers, and eats people. But we all have our faults, right? I tend not to sleep enough. Are you going to hunt me down for being evil?

As always, a posse forms, which is never a good sign--unless you like high body counts. And it just so happens that I do!! So the leader of the carny is evil; he also kills people, blah blah. The minister whoops ass on the Jersey Devil, but doesn't kill it and, in turn, gets his ass handed to him (yay!) but, in the end, the poor, misguided outcast creature is what cost? At...what...cost?

Drive-In Totals:
Drunken Monster Bait: 2
Batshit Crazy Ministers: 1
Gallons of Blood in 1 Human: Apparently 50
Love Interests: 0
Ferris Wheel-Fu
Dismembered Tongue
Hilarious Parenting

2 1/2 stars.

So good at wasting our time

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