Monday, April 6, 2009

Somebody's Poisoned the Water Hole!

I am currently installing a beta of Windows 7 on a laptop to tinker with. I'm hopeful, yet cautious--much like the poor, unsuspecting rodent who eyes the piece of cheese placed firmly in the trap. If Windows 7 snaps my neck like a twig, I am going to be so pissed.

I tried to get T to build me a "chicken leg and pear sandwich" out of her felt play food yesterday. She wasn't having it. She even glared at me when I suggested that I might also want bacon and fish on it. She then made me a normal sandwich but wouldn't let me pretend to eat it. I wonder if she'll open up a deli when she grows up.

I transplanted the garden seedlings from their plastic trays into peat pots today. Because I planted so many seeds, and because so many actually germinated, I had to separate them and throw a lot of the plants away. Most of the poor, discarded bastards were lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. I transplanted some lettuce for G and also two jalepeno plants that she can help grow and give to Doc (my father). She's very proud of her little plants. My thumb is not remotely green so I am just happy they decided to grow at all.

Windows 7 has now asked me five times to update its installer and reboot. A bad omen to be sure. Also, in case you were curious. The musaac system is currently playing its soothing, crappy version of Cindi Lauper's "Time After Time."

I recently had to order a part for my car and am going to get whacked about $200 for both the part and the installation. Would you care to guess what part it is? Fuel injector? Flux capacitor? How about a housing for my license plate? If you guessed the third option, you are correct. See, said automobile is going on 15 years old and I guess parts are becoming scarce. The screws which affix my license plate and hold it fast have long since rusted to the point where they are essentially metal super glue. They cannot be removed. I'd like to see even Superman try. So the only options are a) for them to just drill holes directly through into the trunk or b) replace the housing. Option A was tempting...oh so tempting. It was a nice, tasty Hot Wing dangled in front of my face. But I opted for the expensive option. The car itself has not given me reason to justify replacing it, and this is actually the most expensive repair it's had in quite a while.

Windows 7, after all of this work, has now informed me that I "cannot upgrade directly from Windows XP." Would have been nice if it had told me that when I actuall chose that option.

There is no safe seat at the feast

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