Thursday, April 2, 2009


Lots happening...lots of stuff. Some of it is relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but much of it is on the scale of a major intergalactic war where both sides shoot only straw papers at each other. Almost all of it would be considered rather inane and boring to just about everyone except me. So, no, I will not bore you with the minutia pertaining to said subjects.

Despite the lack of new writing links on the right side, I have not place the creativity in a dark corner of the basement to decompose. I am still writing, albeit, not in the quantities I would appreciate as a "decent amount". The writing I am doing is experimental, meaning I am trying to write something specifically for online publication. Publication by paper is really difficult to do but has way more prestige, in my opinion. Paper publication is also a right pain in the ass and is quite the ordeal.

Basically, I am taking it slowly, making sure not to write crap, and letting the story sort of grow out of itself. It appears to be working and I am quite pleased with the effort. I have this idea to simply write short stories about different people who live in the same paradigm but are either completely unrelated or only vaguely related. That way, the world basically creates itself without me doing the work! Well, sort of...hey, stop laughing. I'll tell, I swear I will!

As of yesterday, I officially resigned from our Homeowners' Association. At first, I hated HOAs. Then I realized that we, as an HOA, had accomplished some decent things socially for the neighborhood as well as just things that needed to be done--landscaping, book work etc. But I've come full circle and returned to the point at which I originally began. In general, I disdain HOAs. See, if it weren't for the inconsideration and stupidity of people in general, HOAs would not really need to exist as they do today. But some people decide they need to infringe upon other peoples' good taste, land, or air space. Thus, the HOA was born out of the ashes of hatred and spite. An evil entity born from evil? Sounds about right.

Anyway, I really was not happy with the actions I felt I had to take, nor was I happy with the direction the HOA was going. You might think this means that the HOA was taking some action against a homeowner. You would be right. You might also think I was against this action. You would be wrong. I would have LIKED to have been against the action, because my emotions were with the homeowner. But my sensibilities were with the covenants and restrictions. But because of some flip-flopping and general unwillingness to even investigate the issue (which could go to court), I resigned. I think it is the HOA's duty to at least investigate, legally, complaints of homeowners, rather than just say "I'm tired of dealing with this, let them have their way."

But maybe that's just my hangup. The last thing I want to do is force a homeowner to do something. But when someone complains about said "something", I feel the duty to follow up on that complaint. Funny, that. My answer to that used to be "quit whining, loser." :D

I find now that my thoughts tend to turn toward a house on a piece of land somewhere out of town where have no immediate neighbors, no homeowners' association, and no hassle. Obviously, we also have no money. But a recent refi (and appraisal) on our current house gives me a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel...that is, presumably, not a freight train headed my way. I find this scenario more appealing each time it pops into my head and nibbles on my brain. Or maybe that's grubs. It tickles either way.

I told K to start thinking about what things she would like to see in a new house. We're nowhere near that stage but you can never start too early. Perhaps I should start a fundraiser? Like maybe the biggest bake sale ever? Oooh, I could sell plasma!

And now I leave you with one of my favorite pics of the week--a funny sign.

Half the world hates what half the world does every day

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