Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Voices Inside My Head

First of all, watch laugh, I tell you, LAUGH!

We Didn't Start the Flamewar

So, yesterday, G got her tonsils and adenoids removed. They weren't infected or anything. The main problem is real estate--they took up way too much. These monstrous tonsils were rather large and, thus, G snored a lot and had problems breathing when she slept. In an effort to improve her health and retain our own sanity, we convinced a doctor to yank them. G is six and she's always snored, so they have always been an issue.

We got to the hospital at the bright and ugly at 6:30. Check-in and waiting around took much longer than the actual operation. And, as a parent, it wasn't the operation that worried me. Instead, it was the anesthesia. See, the operation is simple--heck, I could probably do it. (Please note: if I am removing your tonsils, it's probably because zombies killed all of the doctors.) Anesthesia, to me, seems really easy to mess up. And you never really know how each individual will react to being put to sleep.

Luckily, it all went well and we returned home just about two hours later, quite full-up on popsicles and ice cream. Both K and I are wiped out, though. Yeesh.

So since I was home yesterday, I decided to get something done. Yesterday officially marks the First Grass Cutting. Blech. Cutting the grass is maybe one of the most boring jobs I have to do around the house or the yard. But I got it done. I actually sharpened the mower blade, added more oil, replaced the spark plug, and cleaned out the air filter (it needs a new one but I have to go to Sears to get it and I hate them). Considering the mower is 10 years old and I have never replaced a) the spark plug and b) the air filter, it has held up incredibly well? Why have I not done this, you ask? Because I'm lazy...and I hate cutting the grass so much that I feel the cutting implement should suffer at least as much as I do. Also, it's a Craftsman mower...and I hate Sears.

The pre-garden is coming along nicely, now that we've actually had some sunlight! I have been using a grow light for the past couple of days and it has made a world of difference. The plants are actually growing again! Stupid more...nice to me! I am still really psyched about the garden, and hope that it is not a colossal failure. If I can just keep pests from eating the plants and get enough sunlight once they're planted I'll be happy.

EDIT: Some of you may know about my neighbor...I call him "Lawn Man". Lawn Man feels compelled to cut his grass the very day I cut mine. It doesn't matter if he just cut his yesterday. If I cut my grass, he's out there as soon as he can be, cutting his. Well, he did not disappoint me and was quickly outside, cutting his grass. I'm tempted to cut mine about an hour before it gets dark and THEN see what he does!

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