Thursday, May 21, 2009

Avert Thine Eyes...Here Comes Random!

Huh. So I get back from lunch and I have a voicemail from the front desk...someone sent me a cake. A what?

Yep. A cake...the salesman who sold me the Yaris sent me a cake (along with a very brief survey card). Now, I'm sure that it's a company thing and everyone gets a cake...or a free soda...or something. I just found it a bit unexpected...a tad odd...and hopefully yummy! The top of it is the car. I could never be a cake decorator. Nothing I did would turn out as it was supposed to. I guess I could decorate long as you want a blob of randomly-colored frosting on top! I'll take a picture and put it up here at some point (no, not of a blob of frosting). I hope it's good. It cost thousands of dollars.

Along the same line, have I mentioned how nice it is to have real cupholders in a car? While I loved my old '95 Contour, it was lacking in one thing--cupholders. One may not think this a very important feature but, well, it is. Sure, it had cupholder...that's right--cupholder. One. And it was a neat design--it popped up from nowhere in between the two front seats. It would have been a stroke of genius...had it not sucked. See...somewhere between when I got the car and when I got rid of the car, Americans decided their drinks had to be about as big as the Empire State Building, or they would not be properly refreshed. So, as it turned out, said cupholder could only hold cans...making it thusly, a canholder. Every cup was too wide or too tall, causing the poor cupholder to buckle, spilling liquid refreshment on the poor, unsuspecting slob sitting in the passenger seat. This resulted in me usually cradling my beverage in between my legs while trying to drive...which was almost as disastrous as the first scenario, except that I got soaked in yummy, caffeinated heaven. But no took me 14 years, but I finally have real cupholders (three of them, to be exact). Triumph!

So, for those of you who play Team Fortress 2, the sniper and the spy get updated today. I won't go into details but I will say that the sniper's update, from the looks of it, seems really really lame (quiet, Dimmic). The one bright spot, however, is that you get to throw jars of urine at both friends and foes alike! That's right...jars of urine! What other game is so glorious as to let you do that? That's right, there isn't one. Revel in my Jarate prowess. Cower when you see me running at you, urine jar in hand! For you know it was meant for you, and you must not mess with my mad peeing skillz! In actuality, the urine jar will probably be lame. But the concept itself is hilarious.

It's here, it's near I see it all so clear


Brian Q. said...

I've never heard of getting a cake when buying a car. All I got were annoying "just checking in" phone calls. I'd much rather have had a car-shaped cake. Can you post a pic? Does it look like a Yaris?

Can't wait to have you throw urine at me. Hopefully online.

Brian Q. said...

Btw, you have it set to only display comments once you approve them? What are you, the nazis? Common!

Matt said...

If you can think of an update more awesome than a) a bow that pins enemies to a wall and b) a thrown jar of freakin' URINE I'd like to hear it. Seriously, which other class has had an update that cool?

Matt said...

Oh, and nice try Brian Q Spam-Bot. I see what you're doing there, trying to get Mr. Randomosity to drop his spam filter. Well I have a message for YOU: I don't want any of your VI4G rA pill$!