Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Turtle-Saving Season!!

Spring is when turtles attempt to cross the street. Seriously. I don't know why they do it. They come from an area with plants and bugs and dirt, cross the street, and arrive at a nearly identical place. That's assuming they make it across the street in the first place.

I mention this only because I like to try to help them along. I usually make a few stops every spring and help a turtle cross the road. You know, kind of like the iconic boy scout helping the old lady across the street. Only the turtle doesn't have a purse I can snatch, and turtles don't bite as hard as old ladies. But this year I've not had the opportunity. Every turtle I've seen has been in a very high traffic area with no room to pull over, even for my tiny car. Hopefully they'll make it to their big turtle rave without my help.

So both T and G have come up with interesting phrases to blow me off, and it's pretty funny. On Sunday I was sitting in the kitchen doing something inane. T and G were happily playing in the living room when G comes to me and says "Daddy, if you want to go relax or take a nap you can."

I'm like, "What? Are you trying to get rid of me?"
She replied "Yes," and grinned. I suspect she wanted to cause trouble with her sister or do something normally not allowed. Made me laugh.

So then I'm putting T to bed the other night. I tuck her in and turn on her music. I ask "Do you want to snuggle or read a book?" and lie down on her bed next to her.

She looks at me and says "Go play." Made me laugh again.

So yesterday, I'm laying on G's bed, watching her do something and she says "I'm going to go see what my sister is doing."

I say (dramatically) "Oh, fine. Leave me all alone in here."
She replied "Okay!" and ran out. As I was laughing, I replied "It was not a suggestion!"

Funny kids.

And all of your madness is crowded in my head

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