Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Travelblog, Part III, The Revenge

The Cheez-it box...it is so useful. It still keeps my laptop from overheating when not on a hard surface. Awesome.

Today went well. I was on schedule and got all PCs switched out in good time. The day was a little longer than normal. It could have been worse--Microsoft steered me wrong at least three times. Thanks to the invention of the cell phone, I got directions from the right people. Take that, you orienteering-failing jerkfaces! I spit in thine eye!

I just got done devouring a nice plate of ribs. They were very very good. I sat there, munching, and watching this strange channel on TV. It showed many bits of different randomosity, so it was right up my alley. It went in this order: animals performing sports (skiing, weightlifting, skateboarding etc...but no curling), three stooges, car racing, random factoids about sports and obscure laws. Seriously, that's the truth, I crap you negative. I would not presume to try and trick my faithful reader (maybe that's plural by now). Come to find out that it is a special setup by the restaurant. But that does not detract from the mystique of the whole thing.

Ooh, today I bought socks and a belt! All of my socks are threadbare and/or have holes...and I'm pretty sure they're made from dinosaur hide. My belt is about a billion years old and laughs at me on a regular basis. I had to brave a foreign Wal-Mart (or "Wal-Marts" as they call it 'round here, y'all). Oddly enough, Wal-Mart is the same everywhere. I will leave you up to your own conjecture about that.

So the pool here is not indoors, nor is it outdoors. It's both! And it is never used! I guess it's Kentucky law that there must be an attendant whenever the pool is being used. Because I would feel like a complete tool asking for a lifeguard to watch me swim, I continue to not use the pool.

Also, I must mention that the treadmill here is fully functional and I can change the incline at will! So now my goal is to bust it. I aim to break this beast before I am gone. It's possible...it must be! Meh. Screw it. I'm sure someone more ambitious and, perhaps, much larger will probably do it with less effort. Me? I'm lazy.

Today's discovery is hilarious. I have absolutely no idea what service and/or product these people are selling, but I passed a business with a sign that said "Cornhole Supplies". Now I could probably Google this but I feel it is better left to the imagination. It's certainly much funnier that way. And, thus, I shall leave it as such. Go Google it yourself, jerkity jerk!

Me, out.

You can call it another lonely day

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Heidi said...

Don't have to Google it. :) Corn hole = bean bag toss (but who wants to say bean bag toss when you can say corn hole?). Insanely popular around these parts, especially with college students.