Friday, May 15, 2009

We Just Can't Have Nice Things

An open letter to the a-hole who put a dent in my car:

Dear Nimrod,

Thank you so much for deciding to leave scratches and a dent in the door of the car I just bought a week ago. I am very pleased you decided to share your carelessness and stupidity with others...because we all know that's what this world needs more of.

I'm not vain. I fully realize that cars get scratched, dented, destroyed. Anyone who has seen my previous automobile would agree. The car still runs fine, thanks for asking. It still looks really nice, too, no thanks to your callous inconsideration. I am not one to usually care about such things as long as the car functions and doesn't rust out from under me. But, seriously, how much brain power does it take to keep from ramming your door into someone else's property? Was that too much for you to comprehend? Were you too busy eating and talking on your cell phone to notice that, oh, someone else's car was parked alongside you? Did you have trouble walking at the same time all these other activities were going on?

No, no, that's okay. I got some touch-up paint and the dent isn't affecting the car's performance. It'll be alright. But next time, just do me the favor and accidentally lock yourself in your own vehicle and forget how to operate the door, okay? Thanks again! Ta!

You're wearing thin

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Matt said...

That sucks. At least they didn't leave this: