Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When someone asks you if you are a god...

You say "yes"!

This entry is a little late. I have mostly recuperated from the trip and Mother's Day has passed. Today was Spudling's birthday (the party is tomorrow). Life has certainly been busy.

Another big event has been the acquisition of a new vehicle. Now, this wasn't really something we wanted to do. It was more like bracing for impact as a giant tsunami of crap comes lumbering toward you with the evil, deep-voiced "ha ha ha" laugh. We knew it was going to have to happen, we just weren't sure (and really still aren't) how to pay for it. See, the car I previously drove was 14 years old. It was held together by the once green paint. It only had 142,000 miles on it (yeah, "only") but it ran as if it had twice that. It needed new shocks, brakes, and tires. The air conditioning stopped working, and it randomly lost power (acceleration) and shook violently. So, yeah, it was time. It was an incredibly reliable car--never really had any major work done or any major problems. I hope the new automobile is as reliable.

So we now have a new vehicle. We have 60 months at 0% interest to figure out how to pay it off. Realistically, we have a lot less than that since we really can't squeeze out too many car payments. It is nice, however, to not fear for my life (or my family's life) when one of us drives the car now. Wanna guess how much the old car traded for?

Alright, so I've got better things to do...like:

Scifi Pictures Presents: "The Descent"

Alright, so, yeah. This isn't actually a Scifi Pictures Original (SPO). It actually premiered at Sundance! Yet, sadly, it still ended up on Scifi, so we shall treat it as such. It stars nobody...really, no joke.

So six chicks go caving because they like to do nutty things from time to time, such as eating peanut butter right out of the jar!!! I know, right!? So, despite the fact that they all seem really smart at the beginning, it turns out that they don't have a brain between them! The first hour of the movie is basically the six of them running blindly into the darkness and falling down random pits, tripping over things, and getting stuck in tight tunnels. But wait! It turns out that one of them, Juno, purposely took them to the wrong cave! She thought it would be cool to be the first to explore it. Great...in theory.

But the second half of the film contains lots of screaming, bleeding, jumping, and.eating!!! You see, as luck would have it, these chicks are not alone! You may have noticed that the entire cast is female, right? Well, get ready for this...there are savage creatures that dwell in these caverns. They're dudes and they eat people! Run for the hills!

Lots of infighting ensues...some of them get split up, they panic, they turn on each other, they go crazy, and they generally bounce around like a BB in a bathtub. All in all, it's not a bad horror flick. It had K jumping a couple of times (in addition to the times she was creeped out by the cramped, close quarters). There are a whole lot of parts that make no sense and, many times, I could not fathom why these stupid people did what they did but, for the most part, it was creepy and entertaining.

Here are your Drive-In Totals:

Backstabbings: 2
Bad decisions: About 50
Random falls: 3
Compound fractures: 1
Axe fu
Flare fu
Dinner buffets
Battle royales

3 stars

Yours is your and mine you leave alone now

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Matt said...

Hey, I actually liked Descent! It's a legitimate horror flick; shame on SciFi for showing it.