Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Acts of Observation

This morning I was sitting in my car on the way to work, at a stoplight, zoning out in a morning haze. I normally don't pay much attention to anyone around me on the morning drive--the only peoplewatching I do is in my rearview mirror to observe the strange things people do while at stoplights. Sometimes I find a gem. Today, I looked over to my right to see a dude on a little red scooter...with flames on it! For some reason, that cracks me up. I'm guessing the flames make it go faster. Now why didn't car companies latch onto that strategy a long time ago?

I'm finally working at a place where my geeky t-shirts are appreciated. Today I've gotten two comments on my shirt this morning already (I'm wearing my super snazzy "Etch-A-Sketch Tech Support" t-shirt). I always forget which shirt I'm actually wearing and have to look at myself as a reminder.

It really makes me wilt when I wake up in the morning and look out the window to see...condensation...on the window. I'm not a big fan of humidity. In fact, if I was at a concert where humidity was the headlining band, and they said "Are you ready to rock??" I'd reply "No! Get off the damn stage you hippy jerkface!" I'm not a big fan of summer in general, actually, but it's a necessary evil. Until you get through summer, you can't have autumn. And autumn makes it all worthwhile. Trust me.

So I'm late to the party, but I've started playing Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. I got it used on the cheap, so I figured it was probably worth the purchase. So far I have not been disappointed but, I must admit, it has started off rather slowly. There is quite a bit of exposition and plot-gathering and not a whole lot of action. Couple that with the fact that I can't figure out where the Hell I am or where the Hell I am going, and it definitely makes for a slow start. I feel like I'm this great hero, running around trying to get out of a bathroom stall. How does this latch thingy work? Where can I wash my hands? Oops, I just sucked myself out an airlock. My bad.

But I've just now gotten past the main boring part and have moved on to some actual other boring parts where, hopefully, I'll get to put my non-peaceful skills to use and vaporize some jerks! Wait, did I say I wasn't disappointed? Then why am I complaining?

See, the game started out well--there was lots of action and a mystery to be solved! To the Mystery Machine, gang! So I fought some dudes, found a clue or two, fought more dudes etc. But once that honeymoon was over, I found myself basically doing administrative work and picking up little crappy quests from a bunch of whiners who said their problems were urgent. But, like I said, I've moved off that particular space station and have pushed forth into actual plot that matters...I hope.

Move on back to squares

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