Thursday, June 4, 2009

Throwing Darts at a Wall

E3, the cornucopia of electronic bliss for gamers, has been going strong all week. Many very cool things have been announced. Some have been mind-blowing, life-altering endeavors that have given game fanatics new life and something to save their money for. Others have been...rather confusing. So when Nintendo announced it's vitality sensor, it should come as no surprise that the collective world stopped, quietly, and pondered the device during one big "WTF" moment. I expect the "Wii toilet seat" next year. Nintendo, don't disappoint me!

G and T are off on a citywide adventure today with their grandmother. Today is "ride the city bus day"! Now, I cannot profess to fathom the allure of such an activity, but I am also neither six years old, nor three years old. If it gets the girls out of the house for a morning then I suppose I should shut my trap and just go with the proverbial flow. It is Summer, after all, and free time flows like a raging river when the Winter snows melt. So anything that keeps young, energy-filled children occupied for any length of time is good with me.

I will be switching jobs fairly soon--an activity that I am not altogether very fond of. It's much like taking a brush to a wet dog. It's painful for everyone involved, it smells a little, and it's generally unpleasant. But, in the end, everyone benefits...until said dog goes outside and rolls in filth the next day.

I am very much looking forward to the new job. My main problem is that it always feels like the first day of school--no matter how much knowledge you have on the subject, you are relegated to the status of "stupid nOOb" and have to be shown where everything is. If you're lucky, the people in charge might actually feed and change you on the first day!

I am hoping this is the last job switch I'll have to make for quite a while. I would prefer to find a job and company that I like and simply stay put. If all works out, this will be that golden nugget of goodness hidden within a giant pile of crap.

I don't want to cause no fuss

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