Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Toybox of Goodness

One day, after light graced the Earth, a father was born. And there was much rejoicing. As the crowd gathered 'round to hear his first words, they waited in anticipation. And then he spoke.

"Let there be a day devoted entirely to me," he said. And it was done. And the father proceeded to do whatever he wanted, as long as it did not involve cutting the grass.

So Father's Day has come and gone and it was a nice one. We did not do anything particularly special or awesome. The girls ended up entertaining themselves for almost the entire day so my plans of playing some games (and maybe some Rock Band) were shelved in favor of the "quiet, peaceful Sunday" plan. Nobody was disappointed.

When I woke up (around 10), the girls showered me with presents they had made and wrapped. This means that a lot of trees died to bring me the paper required for these presents, but I love each and every one of them. I'm rather surprised the girls went so long without accidentally telling me what they had made me. I now have many decorations for my barren walls here at work. I'm not sure I actually have enough wall space to display everything!

We were going to go to our favorite Thai restaurant for dinner but failed to check to see if said restaurant was actually open. You see, it's difficult to eat food at an establishment that is not only not cooking any food, but isn't letting you into the building. Rather than bust down the door like an angry mob, we opted for "Plan B", which was the "what other restaurants are nearby?" plan. It wasn't Thai, but it was good, and all was right with the world.

Below is a pic of what K got me for Father's Day. I had seen these at Art in the Park a few weeks ago and fell in love. The balloon itself is actually an old light bulb with wire and paint around it (no, it does not light up). I now must figure some place to hang it where it won't get destroyed.

As a small aside, I did ask the artist what he was going to do when standard incandescent bulbs were no longer available due to the compact flourescent craze. He smiled, but had no answer. I assume he's stockpiled billions of lightbulbs for his craft.

I opted to skip the Scifi Saturday movie and instead went to a friend's house to play games. I'm sure you're sad.

So satisfied I'm on my way

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