Thursday, July 16, 2009

All you need is...a really badass space flight sim, pew pew pew?

I have lots of videogames I can play. I've got a few titles on my Xbox as well as a few on my PC that I have yet to either touch or play to my own satisfaction. Some are really long games and I'm taking a break (Fallout3) and others are just really simple, almost children's games (Lego Star Wars). Still others don't really have an end (Team Fortress 2). When I look at all these games I have around to play, I continuously notice a genre that is missing.

Space Sims. Gone are the days of the classic Wing Commander series or the X-Wing and TIE-Fighter series. So what am I to turn to so that I can get my spacey, flying fix? (Please note that I am avoiding all references to using a's taking great restraint, but I'm doing it.)

I long to fly through the vacuum of space, shooting everything that moves and asking questions later--lauching barrages of missiles and just generally blowing shit up. And the absence of these games is no recent development--I haven't seen a space sim released in years...many many painful, vacuous years.

Of course now all of the games I once loved aren't really playable in Windows XP. Sure, I can get DosBox and jury rig them...and I just might. But I'm looking for something new...not something 90's. Gimme, dammit! I don't even really care about plot...just give me some flying action and I might be happy! These days it's all MMORPGs, I think. Heck, I might actually try out an MMORPG that was based around a space sim. I doubt I'd have the time to play it regularly or the money to pay for it regularly, but I might try it for a lark. But, alas...nothing.

On a related note, have you seen the video for the new Mechwarrior? If the game is truly as good as this trailer, I'm totally in. Seriously, that game looks good enough to eat! Well, if steel and explosive bits are the kinds of things your into, that is. The last one I played was Mechwarrior 4, I think, and it was a lot of fun. But that was also 7 or 8 years ago? Maybe longer? It's about time a new one came along. I was, however, never quite 100% happy with the weapon firing schemes they had on the older iterations. So hopefully this new one (which has no publisher yet...hopefully soon) will remedy that for me. I think it was just personal taste. And since I now have a joystick with about a billion buttons, it shouldn't be a problem, as long as I can remember which button does what. The words "premature ejection" come to mind.

Thus far, my game list includes Halo: ODST (which I've preordered), Starcraft II, Diablo III, and probably Mechwarrior and Bioshock II. There are several games that I will most likely pick up on the cheap, but they have to get cheap in order for me to do that. And they due time.

There's a tease

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