Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Crazy Night

I take it for granted every night. And I never notice anything until the out of the ordinary happens. Just like you don't really feel thankful you have both feet until suddenly a train runs them over, causing you to lament the fact that you lost a game of "Chicken" with an inanimate object.

Normally, I go to sleep and maybe wake up once or twice during the night but quickly fall back asleep. Then I wake up in the morning, wishing I had about five more hours to sleep. Once I find out how to incorporate sleep into my job, I'm totally there. But I digress.

Last night was just plain batshit weird. T woke up last night, wide awake, for about an hour. She went to the bathroom (some of which I had to clean up) and wanted a drink. But then she stayed awake for a while longer. She is normally a very good sleeper--out like a light five minutes after we put her down and doesn't wake up until the morning.

G fell out of bed--something she hasn't done for years. T fell out of bed a couple of weeks ago...also something she doesn't normally do. Nevertheless, it was odd. Then K couldn't sleep for most of the rest of the night after everyone else woke up.

I also woke up several times during the night--times that had nothing to do with kids. After I dealt with T's bathroom break, I fell back asleep almost instantly and dreamt that the dog had peed on the floor and the kitchen sink was overflowing. And then I woke up and truly believed that it had all happened. The rest of the night was spent dreaming about a zombie invasion. Even when I woke up briefly and fell back asleep, the dream continued. I guess the times spent awake were commercials?

At one point in the dream I was wrestling with a zombie and told a dude nearby to shoot the zombie. He didn't want to because "shooting zombies is getting tiresome." What a dick.

Loaded I will walk alone

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