Thursday, July 9, 2009

Settling In

Life is finally calming down. Summer is in full swing so things like trips to the pool and swim lessons are quite plentiful. These days, I feel like a fish--a big, pruny fish. But I enjoy swimming, so I don't mind unless the water is cold. Then I mind. A lot.

This is the first year that I am not in the pool with one or both of the girls for swim lessons. It makes me a little sad. Even though swim lessons were getting a bit tedious, doing the same things over and over, year after year, it is still something that I enjoyed. It was good interaction with both daughters. Now I can sit and watch while reading or using the ol' iPhone. Soon, the only thing I'll be good for is hunting down lousy ex-boyfriends and giving them the business.

So, yeah. The new job is going very well. I'm settling into the duties and the atmosphere, taking it in like a fine wine...or a crappy wine. Hey, I don't profess to know the difference. But, with work, I don't have to take a breathalizer, so it's all good. I'm busier at work now than I probably have ever been, but my time is still not 100% taken every day. Sometimes I wish it was, sometimes not. But it seems to be a really good balance. I doubt I'll ever find the "perfect job", if one actually exists. But I think I can come close. I've never been sure what it is I actually enjoy doing for a "job". Even playing videogames as a QA person would get tedious.

Hopefully, this means that I can get back into writing. I've got a story primed for solicitation but I need to do a bit of editing still. And I really drop the ball when it comes to editing. Editing is like pulling one's intestines out their nose and then replacing them with rubbing alcohol. I hate it. But it's necessary, unlike the intestine and nose operation...which is purely optional surgery, should you want it. If this sounds appealing, I know a guy who knows a guy.

I had a funny idea yesterday. At least, I thought it was a very nerdy, "only 20% of the world would get this" sort of way. I thought of a huge Broadway production called "Chatroom: The Musical". Seriously...I think it'd be hilarious. Imagine people sitting at computers, typing (and talking as they type so everyone knows what they're doing). And then there would be people dressed up as these users' usernames or avatars (my representation would be a raw steak with a pointy sword). Every so often, someone acting as a 10-year-old kid would run across the stage yelling "I LIKE PIE!" or "PENISPENISPENIS!" See? I told least I found it hilarious.

Yeah, well, screw you.

So I drew a new face and I laughed

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