Thursday, August 20, 2009

What to Blog About

So, with the new job comes less time. I knew this would be the case, but the tradeoff is more than worth it. This job is the polar opposite of my last job. Instead of coming in and doing a wee bit of work and spending the rest of the time pissing around, I find myself working most of the day with very little time to collect my thoughts. This really is a first. Even when I worked front-line phone support for Datastorm, I had plenty of time to relax, since most calls were handled quickly and easily. Those callers who had serious problems tended to ramble, and I was good at doing multiple things at once.

Now I find myself being so busy during the day that I feel starved for creative thought. But when I get home, I don't want to spend the time and energy on creative outlets. I like to spend time with my family and then, later at night, simply "turn off". I am guessing I'll find the balance at some point, but there is this urgent need to touch up a particular piece of writing and try to get it submitted. Unfortunately, I loathe editing, and I would have to actually edit two different documents--one in word, and one online. It's a pain.

The awesome summer weather we have been having has, unfortunately, been not-so-awesome to my garden. It has been a cool, wet summer. It's most certainly not pool weather. I can't complain, however, because I'm not a huge fan of summer, and the current weather patterns please me to no end. But they do not please the vegetables. The vegetables are displeased. The vegetables of spoken!

I should come out of it all with plenty of jalapenos. That's about it. There are a butt-ton of tomatoes on the vines, but none of them are growing very large, nor are they ripening. The couple of bell pepper plants that survived are just now producing, but the peppers are, thus far, quite small. The one brussels sprout plant that currently lives is going apeshit, but not producing anything but leaves. The only plant that seems to have absolutely no problem with the current conditions is the garlic. It likes wet, cool conditions, being a bulb. We'll see if it actually comes through.

I'm getting an itch. My current gaming rig is almost five years old and, while it still operates very swiftly (I build them to last), it is beginning to fall behind my baseline for adequate gaming capacity. I definitely got my money's worth out of it, and it's still a really nice PC. But, again, it's five years old. So I'm starting the search for new computer parts. Many of them can be purchased piecemeal--the case and power supply, for example. I have an extra, pretty good sound card as well. So if I do as I did last time, and purchase one component every so often, then it will hurt less when I need to buy the crucial components. I'm literally salivating at what's out there, though, because I'm still running off a single-core AMD 2.0 GHz running SATA1 hard drives!

They came from the north, and they came from the south

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