Saturday, September 19, 2009

If I Had a Random...

Not only is today International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but today also appears to be Crabwalk Saturday!! Well, it is at our house. I came up with the idea--probably as a way to avoid a child explosion, --and now it has stuck. So, today, we're walking around like crabs for no apparent reason. Closely related to Monkay Walk Saturday (which we have yet to enact), it is kind of a funny idea. But, man, it taks forever to get anywhere in the house!!

I kinda think I want to see Zombieland. I have but one hangup. Well, two hangups. First, the price of movies...damn! I still haven't paid off the loan I took out to see "Up!" (which I thoroughly enjoyed, btw). Also, the movie has Woody Harrelson in it. There really aren't many actors that drive my decision to see a movie or not. Very few indeed. But something in my brain is triggered whenever I see or hear about Woody Harrelson. It's almost as if I was secretly imprisoned in a laboratory somewhere and conditioned to not like the guy. I'm not sure if it was the movie Natural Born Killers that did it to me or not. Whatever did it to me, it happened, and I am destined to not like the guy. Anyway, the movie looks entertaining. The suck factor is high but I'm willing to take a chance on it.

Juliette Lewis (also in Natural Born Killers) also repulsed me.

I bought a used copy of F.E.A.R. for the 360. When Halloween comes around, I enjoy finding a suitably creepy game, turning off all the lights, and playing it in solitude. It's been a long time since I found a decent scary game that I could afford. Viva la used games!!

Today is the last weekend of summer! This year, I can't really complain about summer much. There was plenty of rain and the temperatures were relatively cool. It was a little tough trying to make it to the pool, so the girls were probably a bit disappointed, but I rarely had to cut the grass and, when I did so, I didn't sweat like Homer Simpson chasing a donut. But now it's time to usher in Autumn. We've already got football and even falling leaves. Now we just need the Autumn temperatures (though it's only getting up to 78 or so currently).

Next weekend is the half-marathon. Both K and I are really stoked! Exercise is always much easier for me when I've got something to work for. Since the beginning of summer, I have knocked a little over a minute off of my speed per mile! Sure, I probably could have done better but I am not really trying to win this race. I'd prefer simply to finish without having to crawl across the finish line. I average around 7:50 per mile now and I can do even better when the temperature is around 60-65 degrees.

Yeah you leave, you're gone

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