Sunday, September 27, 2009

Run, Forrest, Run!

It was 7:00. The sun was nowhere to be found, obscured by an angry, cloudy sky that poured down rain upon everyone in a torrent of cold liquid. It was also rather chilly--not the ideal conditions for a half-marathon, but it was a little late to be thinking about that.

The rain continued off and on for about an hour. Sometimes it really hammered us. Luckily I was beneath a canopy of trees for much of the heaviest stuff. I didn't really care much about the rain--it kept me cool--but I didn't want my iPhone to be destroyed. Luckily, it survived.

There were five spots throughout the race where live bands were playing (beneath shelters or tents, of course). I thought that was a really nice addition. And they were all quite good! But I couldn't stick around to listen for very long.

Now, I'm not sure who came up with this course, but I seriously think they need to be shot...about 50 times. It started out easy enough. Then I got to the first hill. It quickly came to be known as "Holy Crap Hill". It was steep and it was long. But the worst was over, right?

Wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong if it was the wrongest day of the wrongest month and I had an automatic wronging machine. I came upon the next hill quickly and dubbed it "You've Got to be Kidding Hill". Then came "WTF Hill". I lost count of just how many hills there were, but I know there was one more after that, and I called it "Somebody Shoot Me Hill". Seriously. These hills were insane. I've never seen a course with so many killer hills. 635 people ran the half-marathon. I'm pretty sure 400 of them perished along the way.

But I finished. I finished with a time of 1:54:09--about 3 minutes better than last year (and on a harder course to boot!). I placed 135th out of those 635 people. I was disappointed not to get a medal when I finished. I got a pint glass instead--an empty pint glass, no less!

K ran the 10K and finished in 1:15, which was 15 minutes off her normal time! Totally, 100% win!

I didn't watch SyFy's lame "Children of the Corn" remake last night. I had better things to do like sleep.

Have I got a long way to run

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