Monday, October 5, 2009

Guess I Should've Kept the Other One.

Had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was the annual "carnival" at G's school, so G and I were in attendance. It's a fundraiser and, basically, a shameless money sinkhole. But since I don't volunteer for anything at her school and we didn't even try to sell the coupon books to anyone, I don't feel bad basically donating money to the school.

Essentially, you pay for mostly everything. You buy a wristband for your child to play games, you buy concessions, and you buy lunch. I guess you don't have to buy any of these things but, then, it wouldn't be a whole lot of fun now would it? As it is, the games they have laid out are pretty simplistic and the prizes are stuff donated that someone didn't want or had way too many of (and most are promotional materials from local businesses anyway).

I make it sound like a ripoff and, well, it is. but G had fun and we got to spend time together--just us. The weather was very Autumn-like which was also nice. So we had a good time together, doing something other than playing "Dora The Explorer" Candyland. :D

I'm currently awaiting a replacement iPhone. Those of you familiar with this wonderful (yes, I still love it) little device know that it has only one real button. The button is simplistic, labeled with a square. You'd think that, having only one button, Apple would be able to actually build that button correctly. I mean, seriously, it's a button. Mankind has been making buttons on electronics since some guy made the first button on electronics! I don't know how long that is, but I'm sure it's been quite a while.

Anyway, I called it in to Apple and they are overnighting me another phone. I'm paying $30 for it, though. I am currently waiting to get a FedEx tracking number so that I can change the receiving address for it. I'd rather send it to work and assure that someone will be around to pick it up. I will then put it through rigorous button-testing for quality assurance.

Syfy Saturday Presents: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
What do you get when you combine Henry Rollins, Kimberly Caldwell, some reality show contestants, and a bunch of inbred yokels? Blood, guts, gore, and death, of course! You also get a rather enjoyable attempt at a horror movie. I think I've become desensitized to movies like this. I generally end up laughing instead of being all freaked out.

So Henry Rollins is supposed to be the host of a reality show about surviving in the wilderness. The contestants are a mixed bag (aka the usual)--the slut, the city girl, the joking and perverted guy (a skater in this iteration), the token black guy, the vegan, and the lesbian army chick...oh yeah, and the former American Idol contestant (Kimberly Caldwell).

The movie itself was fun--not really because of the movie itself, but because K and I really had a tough time picking who would survive. Kimberly Caldwell got off'd in the first five minutes which was probably a bid to save her from the bad movie.

The inbred mutant people lay into almost everyone in many grandiose ways involving pointy, sharp objects. While I wasn't freaked out by any of this. What did freak me out, however, were the kissing scenes between the mutant family members. Blech! It was like watching Liza Minelli and Bea Arthur (yes, the corpse) suck face. Nasty, nasty stuff.

Anyway, a rather entertaining movie. I totally wouldn't pay to see it in a theater, but sitting in my house watching it was a-ok.

Here are your Drive-In Totals:
Gallons of blood used: 85
Circumference of Henry Rollins neck: 32 inches
Really stupid decisions: Lost count
Blow Jobs: 1 (yes...I'm telling the truth)
Exploding arrow-fu
Upside-down lesbian-douchebag death embrace

3 stars

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