Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tidbits of Randomosity

If it's one thing I have learned from TV and movies (I start off a lot of sentences like that) it's this: if me and a lot of other people are in danger of complete annihilation...I'm going to get some.

That's right. Meteor heading for Earth? I'm getting lucky. Aliens destroying the planet? Hop into bed! I'm on a starship and it's headed for a collision course with the sun? C'mere, baby. I'm not being lewd or sexist or anything. I don't think I'm particularly attractive. But, seriously, this is how it works, right?

But here's what I don't. People in these situations see that their doom is imminent and they are drawn together as if by powerful magnets, super glue, or two dalmations that get their leashes tangled up in the park. They get that twinkle in their eyes, disrobe, and go at it. But, seriously...that's quite a lot of stress. THEY ARE ABOUT TO DIE! I'm pretty sure if I was in that same situation, there'd be no action going on. I'd be all like "wow, she's hot...and getting naked...and, oh yeah, there's a 500 megaton nuclear device pointed at me, ready to turn me into Malt-O-Meal." Any inclination to disrobe and go at it like a rabbit would most likely melt away like honesty in a newly-elected politician. So...yeah.

So we're just a week away from Halloween! G decided that today was "Vampire Walk Saturday". I wasn't really sure how vampires typically walk, so we're pretty much walking however we want. We've already produced some silly mayhem.

From the feel of it, Halloween is going to be cold...and possibly (quite possibly) rather wet. It tends to rain on Halloween more often than not, so I'm used to it. It's rather humorous, actually. The rain has contributed to what is quite possibly the most beautiful Autumn ever. The trees are showing wonderful colors, even if the leaves are dropping off rapidly. All I can say is that it sure beats 75-80 degrees, which has happened in the past. Nothing like going out for trick-or-treating and being too warm! Put on the sunscreen, kiddies!

My body can't decide if I'm getting sick or not. I keep getting the slightly uncomfortable aches in my joints, and I'm rather tired. I seem to be running a little hot, too (no real fever, but I feel warm). I guess I don't mind getting, wait, I hate getting sick. But I just ask my body to hold out until after my favorite holiday. Hmmm? Do me a solid, k?

I've been playing through a rather old videogame called F.E.A.R. I picked it up used for $20. Every October I like to play scary videogames in the dark. Is that weird? Don't judge me, jerkface! :D Anyway, the game is very well-done. It's not got a particularly engaging plot and there aren't really any scary monsters to fight, but the atmosphere, music, environment, and characters are all very creepy. And I swear that little girls with long hair who stand and stare at you (and appear out of nowhere randomly) might be the creepiest things in existence. I am convinced, if a country wanted to take over the world, all they'd have to do is send an army of creepy little girls into battle. I'd pee myself. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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