Monday, December 7, 2009


The Christmas season is upon us...well, most of us. For some, the Voodoo Day season is upon you, or maybe the season of "Hurray, it's Friday, December 25th...bugger off" is upon you. No matter what season it is, it's a season, okay? Just go with it.

Anyway, I have some observations to share with you, dear reader (yes, there is probably still one of you...maybe two)--observations of the Christmas season.

1. The song "Feliz Navidad" is possibly the worst Christmas song ever written. Seriously. It really has ony one set of lyrics that are repeated about five times. Sure, it's cool because part of it is in Spanish etc...but think about this: part of "Dora the Explorer" is in Spanish...are you going to tell me that Dora is cool? Well, okay...having a talking monkey as your best friend would be pretty cool...and there are some rather cool, trippy things that happen in her world...but that's beside the point. Anyway, "Feliz Navidad" is my least favorite Christmas song, followed closely by "Santa Baby".

2. The song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" has a line in it that says "there'll be scary ghost stories"...what kind of messed up Christmas is that?? "And Santa came down the chimney...and was devoured by hungry zombies!!! Dude, Halloween was almost two months ago. Even I have let it go. Scary ghost stories on Christmas? These people must really not care if their kids actually go to bed on Christmas Eve. Me? I'd much prefer my children to be sleeping happily. (As a side note, I think a story with both Santa and zombies would be made of pure awesome.)

3. There is such thing as eating too many cookies. This has nothing to do with Christmas. It's simply something I discovered tonight.

4. The Christmas season essentially started in July. Seriously. Ridiculous.

5. There is a local radio station that started playing all Christmas music a few days before Thanksgiving. A little early, but a great idea. Problem is, I am guaranteed to hear "Feliz Navidad" and "Santa Baby" at least once an hour. In actuality, the radio station only has about 15 songs in the rotation.

6. I miss believing in Santa Claus.


Brian Q. said...

I think for Michele and me, those are our two most hated Christmas songs. Surely, that sample size of three is enough to petition the radio stations.

We've got an all-Christmas radio station that just started up before Thanksgiving, and it plays the same 20 songs over and over again. It's torture.

KPiep said...

And have you paid for eating too many cookies?....

Clefton Twain said...

Apparently, I have escaped unscathed, tyvm. :D

Michael said...

So, I can agree with you on most of those points. But I still like Santa Baby. Yeah I know, but I like Miley Cirus and Lily Allen too, so go figure.

I think we have the exact same station here in St. Louis. Just before Thanksgiving and about 20 songs on the rotation.

Storme said...

Chiming in a little late, I know, but Washington DC's all-Christmas-music station has hundreds of songs... much, much better than 15 or 20, even if you do still get the occasional Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree or Jingle Bell Rock, which I hate. Apparently "Christmas" and "Rock" just don't combine well for me. Even more awesome is that our local jazz station switches to largely Christmas jazz, too. Nothing in this season beats Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn's Nutcracker Suite.