Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to Take Out the Trash...

As of late, K and I have been going through a massive effort to clean out unwanted crap from our basement storage room. It had really gotten out of control and got so bad that we really couldn't manuever anywhere if we wanted to actually get something. Every house has that room, right? My parents called it "The Wood Room". Yes, it once stored firewood but also housed everything ever acquired since T-Rex and Velociraptor fought it out.

And if T-Rex and Velociraptor were to fight, who would win? Velociraptor is pretty fast but T-Rex is huge. Though he's got those wimpy little arms...oh, but I digress.

So we have gotten rid of a butt-ton of junk. Much of it has been donated to the Salvation Army, and books have gone to the local library. Be that as it may, I'm eager to see the looks on the trash dudes' faces when they see the veritable parade of crap we will have set out on the curb (both trash and recycling). Hopefully they won't just laugh at us and leave it there. Seriously, it'll be quite a bit.

Sure, I found lots of old toys and books from my childhood, most of which have found their way to great Donation Heaven. The only thing I don't get rid of are two things: Transformers (old school) and action figures. The former are just too cool and the latter I still actually buy from time to time.

Just tonight I found a box that contained two things--cassette tapes and several notebooks. Within the notebooks was a lot of writing I did in high school and college--some of it for classes, but much of it creative.

And I tossed it all in the recycling.

I thumbed through it and skimmed over some of it and briefly thought about keeping the creative writing--all were unfinished stories I wrote long ago. Some I remember, some I don't. But I find myself with no attachment to any of it. In no way do I feel like I am a truly awesome writer, but I do know that I've surpassed the caliber of writing that I did back then. I did keep two pieces which I hope to maybe recreate--one story wasn't even close to finished and I have no idea if I will pick it back up.

I even threw out an almost complete printed copy of the book I wrote. I have it all contained in files and, well, I'm not too keen on actually revisiting it these days. It was long and rambling and needs work and I simply don't have the time to devote to editing and condensing. But anything is possible, I suppose.

I can't review last week's Syfy movie because I wasn't in town to watch it. It was one of their "Giant mutated somethingorother vs. another giant mutated somethingorother" movies, so I am positive it was deliciously bad.

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