Friday, February 25, 2011

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I bought a lottery ticket.

I don't normally give a crap, even with a large jackpot (this particular jackpot is worth about $184 million). And I'm going to win. Trust me. I mean, seriously, I can't lose! What are the odds I'd lose...I know, right?

So, anyway, since I will be a rich little bugger after tomorrow night, here is what I will do with it:

1. Pay off all debt.
2. Buy this Geek Chic gaming table. Sadly, my gaming life sucks, but this table is too damn cool to not have.
3. Be the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse (TM). Yes, I'm claiming the trademark. I started's all mine, biatch.
4. Purchase a house or two for friends who really could use one.
5. Probably start my own business. I mean, seriously...if it fails, who gives a crap??
6. Executive produce my own Syfy movie about killer banana slugs versus mega-gnats. It's gold, I tell ya!
7. I'd pay Linkin Park to shut the hell up. I'd also throw some money at the Spin Doctors to continue shutting the hell up.
8. Buy Han Solo...yes, I'll pay Harrison Ford to stand in a glass case, posing as Han. Once carbonite is invented, that will change things up a bit.
9. Buy Wizards of the Coast (shouldn't be too expensive). Then I'll sell the D&D license to Paizo, who can then go on to do it justice and make D&D good again.
10. Pay someone to invent cartoon food, which will be the yummiest food ever.
11. I was going to put down "See a movie"...but I'm not sure $184 million will cover that expense.

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