Friday, June 24, 2011

I can taste the colors!

Well, my biggest news is that I finally got my Eyefinity setup working on my PC. So now I can fully utilize three monitors both for Windows in general and, more importantly, for gaming. :) I've gamed a bit with the three monitors and it is rather disorienting but I'm getting used to it quickly. It's really handy to have an expanded field of view in a 180-degree arc. I can just hear the nOObs screaming "OMG! Hax!!" If I could just get Crossfire working properly, then I would be all set.

Eyefinity certainly gives you a different perspective on many games. Now that I can essentially see in front and to the sides of me it changes the dynamic and how I play. It makes Portal 2 a lot more interesting...and the game kicked ass to begin with. Even Minecraft looks and plays really well. Nothing like seeing a creeper out of the corner of your eye and freaking out, screaming like a little girl, and getting blown up anyway.

So now I really really wish Mechwarrior 5 would be released. Because then I'd have a gigantic nerdgasm. Seriously, they really need to push that game out.

All three monitors are running off one single XFX Radeon HD5870 and all games are running at max resolution with every available option turned up to its highest. All games I've played thus far run 100% smoothly.
Now if I could just get my *blam* Crossfire configuration to work without the BSoD, I could run Eyefinity with Crossfire.

Portal 2 without Eyefinity:
Portal 2 with Eyefinity (lines inserted by me to show where the center monitor would end--click for a better image):

We're not just bangin' rocks together here.

Alright. This last week's Syfy movie was Moby Dick...which I watched...part of, anyway. It starred Barry Bostwick, Renee O'Connor, and a CGI whale that seemed to vary in size as the movie progressed. I'd review it but, as I said, I watched part of it and then got bored and wandered into traffic for a while. It was not a great theatrical masterpiece. Instead, I choose the movie that was on before it.

Syfy Pictures Presents: Mega Python vs. Gateroid.

The reason this movie even came on my radar (aside from the usual "giant thing vs giant thing" premise) is because it stars both Deborah Gibson and Tiffany (rival 80's pop tarts). And, instead of the monsters being the primary creatures fighting, we get Mega Gibson vs. Tiffanoid!

Sure, there is plenty of snake- and gater-related munching, chomping, and general mayhem. However, Gibson and Tiffany spend 95% of the movie arguing and bitchfighting. And it's wildly entertaining. The movie itself is very tongue-in-cheek because, let's get real, if they'd tried to make it a serious movie, it would have sucked more than Megamaid from Spaceballs.

Thankfully, the writers were smart enough to know that they could capitalize on cheesy 80's memories and created one hilarious masterpiece of bad CGI, bad editing, and bad acting. And, yes, we do get choice quotes like "I think we're alone now" and "only in your dreams". Ha!

The plot is very basic--right out of every children's book you've ever read. Crazy lady (snakelover) releases pythons into the wild. Crazy lady #2 (gaterlover) notices the sudden influx of large snakes and doesn't like it. Gaterlover feeds steroid-laden chickens to the gaters (and these steroids are super, far-out science stuff) which then grow to epic proportions.

Well, guess what? Snakes eat they eat the gater eggs...and also grow to "oh shit, Tokyo is being destroyed!" sizes. And then the two fight it out...sort of. At some point, it seems they almost become friends--ignoring each other and going for the easy-to-kill soft, fleshy human meatbags instead. I mean, let's face it, we're much tastier than snake or gater, right? It's the logical choice.

So, as I said, the movie then focuses on Gibson and Tiffany sparring, pulling hair, slapping, tackling, screaming, rolling in mud, and throwing pies at each other. What a world!

Here are your Drive-In Totals:
Bitchfights: countless
Awesome parties: 1
Mysterious loners: 1

3 1/2 stars

(Also, blogger still sucks.)

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