Saturday, June 4, 2011

You've got some random on your cheek

Wow, I am lazy!! I really need to keep up on things. I've lapsed in my attempt to provide random, worthless drivel to the Internet. And there's just not enough of that out there these days, now is there?

I've not provided any Syfy reviews for a couple of weeks because, well, they haven't shown anything that is worthy of a review. Lately, it seems, all they've been showing is Star Trek and Underworld movies. They must have shelled out quite a bit of money for those and are trying to get their money's worth. Why not add "Independence Day" and maybe "Armageddon" while they're at it?

Actually, I'd watch those two. I have nothing against Star Trek but the movies just aren't that great (except the reboot). And I've never been a fan of the Underworld trilogy, save that Kate Beckensale is nice to look at. Though I don't think "badass" when I think of her. Not that it matters much.

So the temperature is up and the cicadas are out in full force. Literally, we seem to have skipped Spring entirely. It's 95 degrees with high humidity. Since Summer came early, does this mean I can ask for Autumn to arrive early? Pretty please? Seriously, nature, get it figured out or I'ma have some words with you.

The I've heard them during their heyday and they're definitely loud. I don't think they're louder this year than they were during the "Great Cicada Coalescence" of 1998 (I think that was the year). No, not louder...but I think they're more plentiful. I don't remember seeing them flying around all the time but, this year, they are flying everywhere. They keep going kamikaze on my car. This ends very poorly for them, of course. Nothing I love more than having cicada goo on my windshield. But, yeah, they're flying around everywhere like drunken American Airlines pilots--ramming into each other, crashing into trees, cars, and the ground. Do they have air traffic controllers and, if so, are they asleep?

I went a whole seven days without caffeine of any kind. I've learned a couple of things from this...
  1. I can exercise much easier with caffeine. This is no surprise.
  2. Caffeine withdrawal is a cruel bitch who will kick you in the head every chance she gets.
  3. I feel really good without caffeine, but still enjoy it (as I am drinking a soda right now).
  4. I have been using it as a crutch, convincing myself that I'm going to need it to get through "x" activity. Sometimes this is true. Much of the time, I'm just jonesing for it.

So, yeah. I plan to keep my caffeine intake much lower than it has been.

Also, I don't know if I say this enough, Blogger is a gigantic piece of crap.

That is all.

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