Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C'mon, man

Dear NFL,

You're seriously pissing me off, here. I look forward to watching you each Fall, investing much emotion behind your stupid games and, each year, you do not disappoint.

Except this year, of course. Seriously? The players and the owners can't reach an agreement? Now I have no real love for the owners but it truly seems that the players are being a bit greedy, here. Do you seriously think you don't make enough money? You want to see all of the owners' financial records? Do you know how much I'd be laughed at if I asked the same of my employer?

I agree that health benefits are very important, so I'm with you there. But, honestly, there should be a rookie salary cap. Why should a brand new, rookie player make so much more than a seasoned veteran who has contributed more to the team? Quit whining and play your stupid game...you get paid for it. I don't get to play a game for a living, so shut yer piehole.

Guess what? If you guys can't reach an agreement, nobody gets paid!! Players, coaches, owners...nobody. And let's not forget the people who don't actually make big bucks off the sport--all the behind-the-scenes people, and those individuals who get paid to do things like clean the bleachers or the parking lot.

If you don't play this season, I truly hope NCAA football takes over Sunday. Then you guys can not get paid and I can still have my football.



I don't have a movie to review this week because Syfy showed an Indiana Jones marathon...culminating with the perfect shitstorm that was "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls". No, I'm not going to review that movie because, frankly, it irritates me too much. It was a movie I so wanted to be good and...well, it wasn't. I think that was the same summer I saw that awful Star Wars cartoon movie...nay, it was not one of Hollywood's more brilliant summers. I truly have seen movies on Syfy that were maybe as good as those two movies. For shame, George Lucas, for shame. You owe me...um...something.

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